Villa del Palmar Resale Scam

Response to Villa del Palmar Resale Scams

To protect you from the increasing incidents of attempted Villa del Palmar resale scams, various steps have been taken by the Villa Group and other timeshare companies to make timeshare scams a thing of the past.

As a Villa del Palmar timeshare owner, major steps are being undertaken for your overall welfare and protection. The collaboration of the Villa Group, Universal Vacation Club, ARDA (American Resort Development Association) and together with the governing authorities, will ensure your protection against any rogue scammers who target Villa del Palmar owners for resale.

ARDA on its part, has given relevant information about these resale scams. You can see it at If you feel that you are being set up by these scammers, the Villa Group can be contacted at

It is your duty to make the initial moves as timeshare companies are unable to act on your behalf to protect you from resale scams. You must make the complaint first hand. Agency protocol inhibits the Villa Group, timeshare advisors or any other company to file claims on your behalf. Your cooperation is needed for a solution to this prevalent problem that can affect Villa del Palmar timeshare owners and owner of other genuine, popular timeshares.

Here are the steps that you should take:

Villa del Palmar Resale Scam

  • Contact the Villa Group’s Member Services or UVC and give a detailed report of what happened.
  • File a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission through contacting their Business Fraud Division at nos. 1-877-382-4357.
  • Search the internet or yellow pages to find contact information for the Attorney General’s Office for the state where you belong. Give a report of your experience.
  • Make a compilation of all the fraudulent materials given to you by the scammers and provide timely information if you continue to receive messages either through telephone or emails coming from the group.
  • If the group keeps on calling you by telephone or continuously sending written materials. Keep them and record the telephone numbers used. You can send through email all the necessary information to, so they can be added on to your existing file. They can serve as evidences to indict these scammers.
  • Report the incident to ARDA through this link

Your help is needed to put a stop to all these scams. The mentioned agencies will be there to give you all the assistance for your protection and avoid similar occurrences in the future.

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