Refund and Recovery Fraud

Timeshare Scams: Beware Refund and Recovery Fraud

Unfortunately, timeshare scams and refund and recovery frauds are becoming more complex. Scammers will often go to extreme measures of lying which can be very convincing. We must all remember that when money is at stake, the scammers will do and say anything to provide themselves with a genuine image to earn your trust. Timeshare scams and recovery scams are the perfect grounds for scammers, which is a topic everyone should beware of.

Timeshare Scams: Beware Refund and Recovery Fraud Scams

  • The Scammers Sucker List for Refund and Recovery Fraud

You shouldn’t be shocked, but did you know that the timeshare scammers will often target individuals that have already been a victim to a scam? They do. There are the ‘sucker lists that scammers purchase, which have the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of individuals who have in the past gave money to scammers for promotions. If you have ever gave money for a million dollar raffle or a chance to win a car, then your name is probably on that sucker list. The list is then purchased by the scammers who will try to scam you, and they especially want to scam in regards to timeshare refunds and recovery scams.

  • Could You Be a Target for Refund and Recovery Fraud?

You may not even realize that you have been involved in a timeshare scam, but if you have entered a contest that was bogus, gave money to a charity that doesn’t exist, invested in a business, etc. You may have only gave a small amount of money and you have forgotten about it as you never hear back from any of these companies. Timeshare refunds and recovery fraud sometimes occur by chance, especially if you were on websites searching for cancellations of timeshares of selling of timeshares. You have supplied your information and now the scammers will find the right angle to scam you as you are now open to be involved in fraud.

  • Paying Advanced Fees

Since you have been scammed in the past, the scammers will start to contact you. They will promise to recover any money that you might have lost or to assist in retrieving merchandise that you never got. The timeshare scam occurs when you are asked to pay an upfront fee. If you are in the USA, you should know that it is against the law for telemarketing to charge an upfront fee. No fee can be legally charged upfront without receiving the service or product first.

  • Start Protecting Yourself Today against Refund and Recovery Fraud

Protecting yourself is easy, especially when timeshare refunds and recovery scams are involved. A scam will likely happen if any company offers you these types of services. If you have purchased a timeshare from a legit timeshare brand, then you should always avoid any company that promises to assist you in cancelling your timeshare or timeshare recovery. You can protect yourself today by avoiding this scam. You should always contact the timeshare provider directly if you believe that you have the right to cancel your timeshare or you believe you have a refund coming to you.

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