9 Effects of Timeshare on a Destination


There might be differing opinions regarding timeshare. Some people love it, while others think it might be a scam. There are also some who are indifferent. Whatever side you might belong, one thing people cannot deny is that timeshare has an impact on the local community that no other system can provide. These significant benefits are incomparable to those offered by traditional forms of tourism like hotels.

Consider the following timeshare effects on a tourism-dependent community.

1- Supports the Hotel Industry

In contrast to being a competitor, it actually complements the hotel industry. Hotels tend to serve clients who do not necessarily come to the place more than once or twice. Those who patronize hotels are usually not the same kind of people to whom the timeshare industry caters.

2- Includes the Local Community

Although some would choose all-inclusive timeshares, many others do not consider this tradition. Visitors are more likely to get around the local community and patronize local stores and restaurants.

3- Contributes to Consistent Occupancy

Timeshare’s consistent level of occupancy results to other branches of the tourism being benefited including travel agencies, car rentals, restaurants and other local trades.

4- Encourages Repeat Tourism

A more stable economy is the result of having a timeshare in the community. One of the greatest benefits is having a repeat tourism where local products and services are patronized. It is also easier to predict the demand for infrastructure and services of the destination.

5- Provides More Jobs

The levels of employment that generates are various and numerous. One can have a stable income-generating activity all any level including sales staff, executives, service staff, architects, construction workers, among others.

6- Results to More Taxes

People come and they spend money on the local economy and the outcome is increased generation of taxes. These taxes are then returned into the local economy. As another outcome, services and infrastructure will improve. Tax generation also extends to VAT and the income tax on earnings from those who are employed within the timeshare industry.

7- Advances Profile of the Destination

There is a feeling of belongingness from those people who have purchased a timeshare. The profile of the destination will advance amongst all kinds of visitors as these owners promote the destination to friends and family. Even those who do not have the interest will take advantage of this kind of promotion.

8- Results to Extended Lengths of Stay

It is the usual practice that timeshare owners are more likely to spend longer periods of time.

9- Benefits from Higher Purchasing Power

Most timeshare purchasers have a certain level of income as part of the requirement before their purchase. The outcome is greater benefits for the destination as visitors come and spend their money on local services, restaurants, and other items as these visitors have higher purchasing power.

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