What’s the Truth About UVCI Scams?

It seems we can’t escape the threat of scams, which has become evermore present thanks to the internet and other phishing scams. Thankfully, the internet has also brought about its own solutions to avoiding scams due to the wealth of free advice and guidance you can find about scams on line. Just by doing a quick search on Google, you can soon discover whether you are about to embark on a scam or not.

What’s the truth about UVCI scams?

The good news is that the truth about UVCI scams is simple. Universal Vacation Club International is not a scam, nor are there any valid reports about any of its practices being involved with scams or fraudulent behavior.

UVCI stands for Universal Vacation Club International, which is a legitimate time share company that administers members who own time shares at Villa del Palmar resorts in Mexico, owned and operated by The Villa Group. Universal Vacation Club International is the company that deals directly with members services and reservations etc with the help of ResortCom. Thus, there is no chance of UVCI scams when you deal directly and legitimately with the company.

UVCI Maintenance Fees

The essential maintenance fees that members pay towards the upkeep of their timeshare at Villa del Palmar resorts are also administered by UVCI. As such, UVCI is a mutual benefit organization, which makes the chances of a UVCI scam even slimmer. Universal Vacation Club International adheres to complete transparency, providing accounts on its spending to members in regular statements.

Contact UVCI

Members who have bought a timeshare at a Villa del Palmar, will be able to contact UVCI with any questions about membership, including doubts about using points or redeeming other benefits. You should also contact UVCI should you think you have been involved in a resale scam or a phishing scam.

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