Timeshare Advisor Advice

While it’s true that a timeshare advisor can help you to avoid scams, get the best deal and work around tricky situations, it is also true that you could do all that yourself. Sounds cryptic right? Well it’s not; much of what a timeshare advisor can tell you could be found online, for free, with a little research and hard work.

On this blog alone you’ll find a veritable treasure trove of information regarding timeshares, the best timeshares available, timeshare scams and how to avoid them and, now, advice on timeshare advisors.

There are three main roles that a timeshare advisor may have:

Pre-sale Advisors

• Pre-sale timeshare advisors will give you a general idea of what is available in terms of vacation ownership and timeshare in the area at the time when you wish to purchase. A pre-sale timeshare advisor will know where the most reputable and renowned resorts are and who they are affiliated with and the best places to go for your budget and needs. These timeshare advisors are the most likely to be unbiased as they are (generally) not affiliated with any particular resort and you pay them to give impartial advice.

Sales-floor Timeshare Advisors

• Sales-floor advisors will talk you through your contract after the timeshare presentation, answer any questions you may have and generally oversee the process from start to finish of your timeshare purchase at a resort. We would advise you to write out a list of questions before the presentation and then work through them with your advisor afterwards to make sure you cover all the bases.

Timeshare Advisors for Owners

• Post-sale advisors deal with cancellations, re-sales, complaints and any other questions you have regarding your timeshare after purchase. These would also be the advisors you deal with if you think you have been involved in a timeshare or re-sale scam.

Are timeshare advisors expensive?

• The price of hiring a timeshare advisor will vary depending on precisely what you need or want them to do but you should always do your own research first and check out their reputation before handing over money. The best advice we could give you is to do as much independent research as you can beforehand and only hire a timeshare advisor if you still feel you need guidance after this point.

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