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Villa del Palmar Cooling Off Period for Timeshare

Canceling a timeshare can be a tricky business, but generally, if you have purchased a Villa del Palmar branded timeshare, there are very few cases where you will need to cancel your timeshare. Nevertheless, in accordance with Mexican law and to offer the best guarantees to potential timeshare members, the Villa del Palmar cooling off period is a timeframe when it should be simple to cancel your timeshare contract.

Villa del Palmar Cooling Off Period

During the Villa del Palmar cooling off period, there are simple steps that you can take to cancel your timeshare, if you feel that action is necessary. The first step to take during the Villa del Palmar cooling off period is to consider if cancellation is really necessary. This time is key for reflecting on the benefits of your purchase, so that you are sure, without any sales pressure that Villa del Palmar timeshare is right for you.

Villa del Palmar Cancun

Doubts during the Cooling Off Period

If you have any doubts during the cooling off period, it is a good time to contact Villa del Palmar members’ services with any questions that you might have about your contract. Mention to the Villa del Palmar agent that you have some questions you would like answered before the cooling off period expires. This will give the agents chance to calm some of your doubts and answer any questions.

Who can cancel during the cooling off period?

Anyone who has bought a Villa del Palmar timeshare or Villa Preferred Access membership can cancel during the cooling off period, after which time your contract takes full effect and you will need to seek legal advice to cancel your timeshare.

Canceling a timeshare during the cooling off period will vary from company to company, so you should contact Villa del Palmar directly to see what your rights are during this time. Both the timeframe and the requirements for cancellation may differ, so be sure to ask or check your contract thoroughly.

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