Villa del Palmar Resale Scams

While still relatively uncommon, Villa del Palmar resale scams are sadly becoming a real danger to happy members who are targeted by fraudsters. In steady response to this potential danger and threat to the enjoy of its members, the Villagroup, Universal Vacation Club and ARDA (the American Resort Development Association) have been working with local and federal law institutions to try and put an end to resale scams once and for all (or at least make members aware of the dangers).

If you fear that you have been the victim of a Villa del Palmar resale scam then it is, firstly, important that you keep all the physical evidence you have: letters, emails, etc. These should be forwarded to the appropriate parties where and when necessary. Neither Villagroup nor UVC can file a claim on your behalf as claims must be made by the victim. A first hand, official statement must be taken so the authorities can offer you help and advice along the way. In fact ARDA has an online library filled with useful and informative articles on the subject; this can be accessed through: “

It’s important that you report any suspected Villa del Palmar resale scams to Villagroup or UVC, ARDA, the Federal Trade Commission and your state Attorney Generals office immediately. In order to report the incident to ARDA you should visit To log the complaint with the Federal Trade commission you should contact the Business Fraud Division on 1-877-382-4357. Contact information for your Attorney Generals Office should be available on the internet or through the yellow pages.

If you are contacted after the initial complaint, you should keep all further correspondence from the resale scammers and forward this to Villagroup and all the law enforcement forces that you have been dealing with, so they may keep these details on file up and up to date.

Reporting these Villa del Palmar resale scams and other timeshare scams Information could help to put a stop to these fraudsters’ activities for good! Keep in mind that all the aforementioned agencies are in place to help in situations like these so you should never hesitate to contact them with queries.

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