Timeshare Cancellation

Timeshare Cancellation – Is it a Good Idea?

Do you want to cancel your timeshare membership? Is timeshare cancellation a good idea? You should definitely read the information below first. All of the timeshare cancellation information that you will need to know is provided below along with the repercussions that you may face if you cancel.

Timeshare Cancellation – Is it a Good Idea?

First, the main thing that you should know and probably the most important thing that you should know is that all timeshare contracts are all legally binding, and once the cooling off period has passed they cannot be cancelled. The reasons that you may have for wanting to cancel your membership doesn’t matter, and all timeshare contracts are 100% legal and will be treated as such if you try to cancel. Once you realize that you are unable to cancel your membership, you can start remembering the great points on why you decided to purchase a membership. You should start planning and enjoying your vacation ownership, and get the most out of your investment. You should save yourself a lot of stress by just avoiding a timeshare cancellation company that are scammers as they will only try to convince you that a membership cancellation is possible, but they only want your money.

How Much Time is the Cooling Off Period?

Every timeshare member should know that the cooling off period was put into place not only to protect owners, but the providers as well. The cooling off period will give new owners a chance to go over their new commitment, and it will protect the providers from clients who are just indecisive individuals. The cooling off period with most timeshare companies is 5 – 14 days after the contract has been signed. Every owner should still check in their personal contract for the specific amount of days that is offered with the cooling off period. After the cooling off period has already passed, owners do not have the ability to cancel their membership, and this is the time for the timeshare providers to process the sale, then to pay their salespersons their commissions for the sale.

What Happens After the Cooling Off Period Has Passed?

Has your cooling off period already passed? Did you review the timeshare contract and find this information out, and you are wondering what you can do now? Once the cooling off period has passed, owners are not able to cancel their membership, but you can start planning your next vacation and start enjoying all the perks that you will receive with your timeshare membership. If you purchased your membership with the Villa Group (a reputable company), you will have the opportunity to stay at the best resorts in Mexico. The Villa Group has resorts in very popular and sought out destinations such as Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Cabo San Lucas, Loreto, and Cancun. If you want you also can bank your timeshare points to use for future vacations. The Villa Group allows their members to bank their points so they can use them in the future to make their vacations even more spectacular. You will still be obligated to pay your maintenance fees, but banking your points is a great option and you can use them at any of the Villa Group resorts.

Avoid Timeshare Cancellation Companies

You probably don’t know that there are fraudulent timeshare cancellation companies out there that you should avoid completely. They are only out to scam current owners into thinking that they have the ability to cancel their membership, but you do know now that is just not possible. These fraudsters will try to charge you a large upfront fee, and then never assist you with any cancellations. They will disappear with your money and add stress to your life. Always avoid timeshare cancellation companies.

Is a timeshare cancellation a good idea? As you now know, once the cooling off period is passed you are unable to cancel. Instead of worrying about cancelling your timeshare, you should instead start enjoying your membership by planning vacations. The Villa Group has many beautiful resorts in top destinations. You will quickly see that your timeshare membership was a wise investment for all future vacations.

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