Top 5 tips to avoid Timeshare Scammers and Resellers

Timeshare Scammers

There are timeshare scammers and resellers out there, but don’t let that discourage you if you are interested in purchasing a timeshare membership in Mexico as there are many genuine and legitimate choices available. Currently, there are numerous satisfied timeshare owners that are very happy with their timeshare purchase and owners enjoy many wonderful vacations in Mexico at the top resorts. There are timeshare scammers and resellers out there who want to take advantage of the happy timeshare owners, and have created fake companies so they can scam the timeshare owners into believing that they are a legitimate timeshare consulting company. Protect yourself from becoming a victim of the timeshare scammers and resellers by reading below.

  1. Timeshare Scammers and Resellers
    The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word timeshare scam, is that a fake timeshare company was selling timeshare memberships illegally. A new approach has been taken by the timeshare scammers and resellers. They now target timeshare owners by offering them with reselling or cancellation services. The timeshare scammers and resellers are even telling timeshare owners that they can upgrade their timeshare membership with their company, and they have a buyer ready to purchase their old timeshare right now. How do you know that you are talking with a timeshare scammer or reseller? These scammers will ask you to pay an upfront fee. That is when a red flag is raised letting you know that you are dealing with a timeshare scammer. Stay cautious and be aware so you can protect your timeshare investment.
  2. Timeshare Scammers, Resellers, and Consultants
    A timeshare scammer, reseller, and consultant company is using the name “Resort Consultant Advocates.” The (ARDA) American Resort Development Association released a warning about timeshare scammers, resellers, and consultants company including Resort Consultant Advocates stating they are not associated with the ARDA. The “Resort Consultant Advocates” have already scammed many timeshare owners by telling them that they have buyers that want to take over their timeshare membership. They even went as far as to make up a fake sales contract, and on the sales contract included a “100% Guarantee” to instill confidence. However, there were no buyers for the timeshare, and the timeshare owners paid an upfront fee and never heard from the consultant scammers again.
  3. Fraudulent Resellers and Timeshare Scammers
    Sadly, the “Resort Consulting Advocates” is only one of many fraudulent resellers and timeshare scammers that are posing as a genuine timeshare company so that timeshare owners will use their fraudulent services. These fraudulent resellers and timeshare scammers will avoid prosecution by just changing their company name. The timeshare owners never know that they have been scammed until it’s too late. Anytime that you are contacted by a timeshare rental, resale, and cancellation company you should beware and stay cautious. You should truly avoid these type of companies so you are protected. You should only deal with your timeshare company who you purchased your timeshare membership from and you should only address your timeshare company directly if you need to make a complaint or voice any concerns. Never involve a third party company that is trying to take your hard earned money from you.
  4. What to do After Being Scammed
    If you have been contacted by a timeshare scammer or you have paid an upfront fee and later find out that you have been scammed, then you should call your timeshare company and let them know. When you let your timeshare company know what occurred, you are actually helping other timeshare members from being scammed. After you have been scammed, you should also contact the local authorities, the state attorney general and the Better Business Bureau and file a claim and an official complaint. You can prevent innocent timeshare owners from becoming victims when you report that you have been scammed.
  5. An Upfront Fee is a Scam
    If you are ever asked to pay an upfront fee, you should know that it is probably a scam. Anytime a third party resale company provides assistance to you and your timeshare, and also requires you to pay an upfront fee, then this company is probably a scam. Take plenty of time to research any company that offers timeshare services because many of these companies are purely scammers. Contact your timeshare company directly! Never involve a third party company as you are at risk of being scammed. You can protect your timeshare investment and your money by staying away from timeshare scammers and resellers.

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