Mexican Timeshare Rescission Explained

Mexican Timeshare Rescission Explained

Are you interested in joining a vacation club so you and your family can enjoy unforgettable vacations in Mexico together? You’re not alone, because many individuals are seeing that timeshares and vacation clubs are affordable in Mexico. Timeshares are not like they used to be. Today, timeshare vacation clubs come with many amazing amenities, benefits, and features that smart travelers are looking for. Are you interested in joining an award-winning timeshare club like the Villa Group Resorts? The Villa Group Resorts have nine wonderful resorts in the top five Mexican destinations. Do you know that there are rescission laws in Mexico for vacation club memberships where owners can cancel their membership legally during a set time? It is called timeshare rescission period. Read below to learn more about Mexican rescission laws and how it works.

Mexican Timeshare Rescission Explained

New vacation club members can cancel their membership legally without penalties in accordance with rescission laws in Mexico. The rescission period gives new members an additional 5 to 14 days to go over their decision in case they think they made a hasty decision. The rescission period laws will protect both buyers and sellers. The rescission laws only apply to new vacation club members who purchased their membership from a legitimate timeshare provider in Mexico. It doesn’t apply to any timeshare resale purchases. You need to have purchased your membership from an actual provider in Mexico, which is why people should purchase their membership from a reputable provider like the Villa Group Resorts.

Cancellation Rules and Policy

After the rescission period is over, you are not able to cancel your timeshare ownership. The cooling off period gives new members enough time to see the pros and cons of their timeshare investment. In the unlikely event that you want to cancel your membership, the rescission period will protect you, the buyer. You will not be penalized. However, you need to know that there are cancellation scammers out there that prey on new vacation club members by trying to convince them that they can cancel their membership even if the rescission period is over. Remember, you can cancel your membership without any outside help if you are still within your rescission period. You need to go through your membership contract to confirm the specific dates. The rescission period isn’t for any resale timeshare purchases. You should always purchase your membership from a reputable provider such as the Villa Group Resorts, so you can avoid any issues.

What Now? Rescission Period is Over

You are not able to cancel your membership once the rescission period is over. There are no cancellation companies that can provide you with a cancellation service, despite what these scammers may tell you. You do have the option of selling your membership to someone else, and you can contact your provider to see if they are able to assist you with your membership. It is important that you remember that all maintenance fees and dues will continue to need to be paid on time.

Did you enjoy the article we provided above about Mexican timeshare rescission? You and your family can enjoy amazing memories with their loved ones with a quality timeshare ownership investment. Would you like to know about how to become a member with the Villa Group Resorts? You can contact them today to schedule an appointment to attend a sales presentation along with a resort tour. Don’t wait, contact them today.

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