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Upgrade to Villa Preferred Access membership

Did you know that by just joining a vacation club in Mexico, you will enjoy so many wonderful benefits, especially for Americans and Canadians. Due to the close proximity, Mexico is a convenient and beautiful vacation destination where family can create lasting memories together all while enjoying a great vacation. Mexico is well known for having numerous amazing attributes such as year-round pleasant weather, miles of stunning beaches, delicious food, and very welcoming locals. It is easy to see why many foreigners decide to join a vacation club in Mexico due to it’s only a quick flight away. In Mexico, the Villa Group is a top timeshare and vacation club and resort provider. Their 9 resorts are located in the best destinations in Mexico. Continue to read below to learn about joining a vacation club and all the benefits that come with a Villa Group membership.

  • Vacation Membership with Villa Group Resorts

When you become a vacation member with the Villa Group Resorts, you will be able to enjoy high-quality vacations at a price that you can afford. Everyone should make their family and friends a priority, because isn’t that what is most important to us all? You can start enjoying amazing vacations once you join the Villa Group Resorts vacation club. You shouldn’t wait to join. Don’t you want to start planning your next Mexico vacation today? You will even save money in the long run when you become a vacation club member with the Villa Group Resorts.

  • Upgrade to Villa Preferred Access

With a Villa Group Resorts vacation club membership, there are different levels and plans available. The Villa Preferred Access is one of the best upgrades available. If you upgrade to the Villa Preferred Access, you will get so many more benefits. For members, the points redemption program is how you can make the most of your getaway to paradise. Members can use their points to pay for any extra services or amenities to make their down time that much better. The timeshare points can make your vacation everything you wanted and more. Would you like to get a massage by the pool, or maybe have a candlelit gourmet meal? The redemption points can be used for that. Points can also be applied for spa treatments, hiring your very own personal chef, having flower arrangements waiting in your room, and so much more. When you make your vacation reservation, all you need to do is ask their friendly customer service representatives what options they have available right now.

  • Using Redemption Points

If you want to make your Mexico vacation even better, then you can use your redemption points for upgraded services and amenities. When you are making your vacation reservation, just inquire about what options are currently available. If you need any assistance or have questions about the redemption points system, you can talk with Member Services. The employees at the resort can also help you when you arrive at the resort. Your redemption points should be used for services and upgrades that you want to make your vacation to Mexico the best it can be.

You can make the most out of your vacation club membership at the Villa Group Resorts. If you become a Villa Preferred Access member, then your vacations can be done with style. You can upgrade to Villa Preferred Access with Villa Group in 2020, and you will be able to start planning your next dream Mexico vacation with added amenities and services.

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