Timeshare Resales

Are Timeshare Resales Safe?

Are you wanting to purchase a Mexico timeshare? Have you been researching timeshare resales and you would like to know more information about them? To start with, a Mexico timeshare or vacation club membership allows you to share a vacation unit for a certain amount of time every year. You will be paying in advance for your vacations, but a lower fixed rate, which means you will save money in the long run. Being a vacation club member in Mexico means you are a savvy traveler that wants to ensure all your vacations will be great with your family or loved ones. One of the top benefits to becoming a vacation club owner is you can plan ahead and have the ability to schedule your vacations at a variety of luxurious resorts annually. In addition, as a vacation club member in Mexico you won’t have to worry about maintaining the property, because you will only pay a small monthly fee to have it done for you. That way, all of your vacation time can be spent making amazing vacation memories with your family. Continue to read below if you want to know are timeshare resales safe.

Are Timeshare Resales Safe?

  • Vacation Club Memberships versus Purchasing Real Estate in Mexico

Some people that invest with a vacation club membership often have also checked into purchasing real estate in Mexico. Does it make more sense to invest your money into a vacation club, or should you purchase real estate in Mexico? One of the major differences between the two are a vacation club membership means you will be sharing a unit at a resort instead of becoming a single property owner o in Mexico. Each of the timeshare owners will have an equal financial investment, along with having the same amount of time each year to spend at the resort. On the flip side, if you purchase real estate then you are the only owner of the property, and you are the only one that is responsible for all problems, maintenance, and upkeep to the property. Another factor to consider between the two is with a vacation club membership, all owners will pay regular monthly maintenance fees for the unit so all maintenance, problems, and upkeep will be done for you. The maintenance fees usually run around $20 – $50 a month, depending on the resort.

  • Are Mexico Timeshare Resales Safe?

You have just learned the difference between timeshare memberships and real estate property in Mexico, but have you heard about Mexico timeshare resales? A Mexico timeshare resale is an actual membership that is being sold by the owner instead of from the resort, and the prices are usually discounted substantially. Sometimes, timeshare resales are 20% – 50% cheaper than new units being sold from the same Mexico resort. However, you need to make sure that the resale is at a professional resort first. You don’t want to get involved with a timeshare resale scam. If you want to be truly safe, then you should elect to purchase your vacation club membership in Mexico directly from a genuine resort. That way, you are safe from timeshare scams and will save money for all your future vacations.

Are timeshare resales safe? Should you purchase a regular timeshare membership from a genuine provider in Mexico? You should if you want to make sure your investment is safe!

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