What’s the Best Pirate Show in Cancun?

What’s the Best Pirate Show in Cancun?

There are a number of sunset cruises in Cancun, but by far the best pirate show is the Jolly Roger pirate show Cancun. The Jolly Roger pirate ship holds prime position on Tripadvisor among the top activities in Cancun, and it is easy to see why.

Arrive to Playa Linda Pier around sunset and you will see the best pirate show in Cancun begin to unfold as you buy your tickets. Before the pirate show even starts on board, you are greeted by the best pirates in Cancun, who make sure that you have everything you need for a raucous night on the Caribbean Sea. As the time approaches for you to board, the tension begins to rise between the pirates and you can see you are about to witness a night of deception, battles and betrayal, arrggghh!

Your ticket for the best pirate show in Cancun includes three and half hours of fun and dancing, a three course meal and all you can drink (and believe me, the pirates keep your glass filled to the brim). As you arrive to your seats, your row is allocated a personal pirate to attend to your every need. Don’t forget his or her name – pirates don’t like to be called “hey, man!” And as for the tip, make sure you keep those pirates happy with a few coins or you might be walking the plank. Before your have even finished your first drink, your personal pirate will be there with a fresh one to keep you happy (and even “happier” as the night progresses).

When the best pirate show in Cancun begins, you will be coaxed into the party atmosphere with some dancing and family entertainment as you cruise the Caribbean coastline. With music pumping and drinks flowing, it is easy to fall into the trap of having a marvelous time in Cancun. About half way through the show, you will be taken to the mess below deck to enjoy your meal, which you need to pre-order before you board. Unlike the kind of food pirates would have been used to in the sixteenth century, your meal is first class cuisine that is fit for a captain of a cruise ship.

After dining, the pirate show raises the octave and the action really starts to unfold with sword fights, swinging from the masts, deception and intrigue. You might want to be careful at this stage that you don’t step out of line and offend the pirate captain, or you could be shark meat in Davy Jones’ Locker before the night is through.

There really is no competition, the Jolly Roger pirate ship is the best pirate show in Cancun.

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