in Mexico on Vacation

What you should never do in Mexico on Vacation

When you are in Mexico on vacation it is, of course, entirely reasonable to want to have a good time, relax, and let loose a little. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can act in ways that you wouldn’t at home! Keep in mind that the laws are much the same and, as a result, driving drunk, buying drugs, and being drunk in public are illegal, and in the latter case, frowned upon. Here are some things to avoid doing if you don’t want to spend your Mexico vacation in jail.

What you shouldn’t do in Mexico on vacation:


This has two meanings. Of course you shouldn’t bring your work on vacation with you; relaxation should be the key word so leave your laptop and work phone at home. What this is really aimed at, though, is those who work illegally while on vacation for whatever reason. Doing so can get you into real trouble. Better to take it easy and relax in Mexico on vacation.

Never eat turtle eggs

In Mexico turtles are protected animals and, as such, buying, selling, or eating their eggs is illegal. The authorities are very strict about this and even gather up turtle eggs to be removed to sanctuaries where they will be safe. Nonetheless some locals still collect and sell them so please don’t be tempted!

Never, ever insult a Mexican’s mother

Of course this applies to all mothers everywhere, but in Mexico in particular mothers are honoured and respected to a higher degree. This means that insulting a Mexican’s mother could land you in the kind of trouble that you want to avoid.

Sunbathe nude or topless

Mexico is a very traditional, Catholic country and, as such, modesty is required in certain ways. Though in Spain, and certain countries in Europe, it is allowed you will not be allowed to sunbathe nude or topless on Mexican beaches. Doing so can land you in legal trouble.

Have sex in a public

As you can imagine having sex in a public place is also illegal in Mexico. So leave Sex on the Beach as just a cocktail unless you want to spend a day or two in jail.

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