Christmas in Puerto Vallarta

Spend Christmas in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta’s way of celebrating Christmas is an experience worth having. Spend Christmas in Puerto Vallarta and enjoy a festive ambience and a lot of cultural events that will entertain and amuse. You should consider Puerto Vallarta for your vacations during the holiday season and have a Christmas celebration like no other.

Why spend Christmas in Puerto Vallarta?

Experience Winter Warmth

In comparison to many of the places in the northern hemisphere freezing with low temperatures around Christmas, Puerto Vallarta offers warm, sunny winters to enjoy a Christmas outdoors. Winter time provides the almost perfect weather where you can still go out in the sea and swim; have a nice stroll on the promenade; or enjoy a nice round of beer shirtless in one of the seaside bars. Christmas in Puerto Vallarta can be an outdoor adventure.

The Christmas Spirit in Everyone

Puerto Vallarta was once named by Condé Nast as the friendliest city in the world, and this is particularly true around Christmas. You can sense that everyone is happy and it’s basically because the Christmas spirit is within their hearts. It’s the time to put any negativities behind and enjoy what the Christmas air brings. Puerto Vallartans (Vallartenses) attend lots of Christmas parties called posadas which celebrate the days leading up to Christmas. A big event, called The Festival of Our Lady Of Guadalupe, is celebrated during the first 12 nights in December. You can see Vallartenses clad in colorful costumes and parading the streets with all their grandeur. You’ll be welcomed and treated to a spectacular event that will set the tone for a great Christmas in Puerto Vallarta.

A Convenient Way of Finding that Perfect Christmas Gift

You won’t experience the notorious Christmas shopping rush in Puerto Vallarta, instead you’ll have the luxury of time in finding gifts for your treasured ones. Puerto Vallarta has all the shopping facilities that will fill your cravings for any items you want for Christmas. The Malecon is one huge location of specialty stores, and nearby are more shops, department stores and gift shops. It has everything from clothes, shoes, home decors, jewelries, accessories and a lot more; you won’t sweat in looking for the special things you long for, come Christmas Day.

A Big Whale- like Christmas Celebration

Touring the gorgeous Banderas Bay during your Christmas in Puerto Vallarta will be one of the highlights. You can get you up and personal with the humpback whales that visit each year from November through the end of March. You’ll be in for a circus ride as you see them doing all kinds of whale stunts that you never thought possible. It will be both a festive Christmas celebration and a nature adventure trip that will equate into one fabulous experience.

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