Tropical Cancun Weather

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Cancun’s weather makes it the ideal place to explore a tropical seaside paradise. Cancun is a typical Caribbean beach destination with humid and balmy weather all year round; its tropical Cancun weather attracting visitors from all over the world.

So when should you plan your tropical vacation to Mexico’s beaches?

Thanks to Cancun’s tropical weather patterns, winter is often considered to exhibit the best weather and is actually the peak season for Cancun tourists, lasting from December to early April. Visitors from Europe and Canada pour in during the Christmas vacation and the weather temperatures are favorable enough to take a dip in the sea even in the month of December. The tropical Cancun weather won’t let you down.

Easter on the other hand is popular for Mexican tourism and offers a lot of cultural festivities. If you want to taste local Cancun culture and to see how Mexicans celebrate, plan your vacation around Easter. Flying midweek helps you avoid the crowds at airports and you can even avail of discounted airfares from cheap airlines that fly between Canada, USA and Mexico. The tropical Cancun weather around Easter can get pretty hot, though, so be sure to check the weather forecast.

Spring Break is a favorite time for college students to visit Cancun and experience authentic Mayan activities, soak up the seaside air, bask in the tropical Cancun weather and not worry about rain showers marring their holiday. Rainfall accounts for an approximate 60 days per year in Cancun boasting 250 days of clear sunny days. Cancun’s weather makes it a great spot to plan your vacation. However, if you do happen to encounter a rainy day or two during your holiday, experiencing the rain on the beach will be a new spectacle and you can always engage in indoor activities offered at the resorts these days.

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