Timeshare Rentals Owner Direct


Owner direct timeshare rentals are a popular way to both rent your timeshare property as well as find a cheap place to stay when choosing to vacation in major beach destinations. Timeshare rentals owner direct or through an agency are both great options, although the timeshare rental agent will take a commission, which can range from 20% to 50% depending on the company and the level of marketing provided to rent your timeshare.

Looking on the internet for timeshare rentals owner direct is easy. Just decide where you want to go on vacation and start searching for timeshare rentals owner direct + the place you wish to stay.

You will find a great section of timeshares for rent, many of which will be owner direct rentals.

 What are the benefits of Timeshare Rentals Owner Direct?

As someone looking to rent a condo or book a hotel room in a major vacation destination, thereare many advantages to renting a timeshare direct from the owner. Firstly, you are likely to get a great price for an amazing accommodation as most timeshare owners will simply want to cover their maintenance fees and make a little profit. Many owners have bought their timeshare at a great price in the past, therefore rental prices are low. If you rent the timeshare through an agent, you will pay more to cover the commissions.

Other benefits of timeshare rentals owner direct are that timeshare units are usually located on great resorts in the best destinations. You will therefore benefit from all the resort services as well as stay in a great unit. Timeshare rentals are also generally much larger units than hotel room, so you can fit more people in your accommodation and save money.

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