Established Timeshare Companies

Established timeshare companies like The Villa group, Universal Vacation Club International and Tafer are your best place to begin when thinking about buying a timeshare or fractional deeded property. Purchasing a timeshare with a reputable brand will make all the difference to your enjoyment, investment and security. There are a number of timeshare companies available and so the best advice is to choose a company that is well establish with a good track record for excellence.

timeshare companies

Which are the best timeshare companies?

The sign of a great timeshare company is how long it or its directors have been in operation selling timeshare and developing vacation resorts. A little research goes a long way and you will easily see which companies have a great track record. 10 years is a good sign that the company are going strong and have a legitimate portfolio of resorts and products.

What are the advantages of buying from an established company?

Many people view buying a timeshare with an established brand to be a sure sign that it will be more expensive than an up and coming company. That is not strictly true as you will find that established companies have greater bargaining power thanks to their long history which means that construction costs are lower and you are not paying for them to learn by their mistakes. In fact, established companies work out cheaper. You take advantage of their years of experience and enjoy the savings they make without scrimping on quality and elegance. Young companies tend to cut corners through lack of experience.

Another reason why buying a timeshare from an established company is the best idea is that you are pretty much guaranteed that you are not being led into a scam. Established companies have a reputation to protect and they usually have many protocols in place to ensure that members and potential buyers are protected from frauds and scams. Members of staff working for established timeshare companies are more likely to be closely monitored for misleading sales as the company does not need to use dirty methods to sell its timeshare. Purchasing from an established timeshare company means that you are entering into a low risk investment.

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