Top Tips to Bypass Vacation Rental Disasters

Bypass Vacation Rental Disasters

Vacations are meant to be relaxing, fun, revitalizing and memorable; they’re meant to be some of the best times of our lives. After all, we work hard to pay for them! But when you are straying from the resort markets towards vacation rentals for longer periods of time you, need to be careful! Not that there is a huge issue with scammers in the market, rather it’s an issue with getting what you think you’re getting!

For example, if you pay a premium for easy access to a beach then you don’t want to have to go down two flights of steep stairs to get to it! Likewise if you pay for five star accommodation with good facilities and transport links, you want to be getting just that! Well, we have some hints and tips to help you ensure you get what you pay for, and to help you protect yourself if you don’t! Here are our top tips to bypass vacation rental disasters.

Check out the vacation rental beforehand

Firstly, on the prevention side of things, you should ensure that any property you think of renting is properly vetted. This can mean a few things. Firstly you could take the time to vet them yourselves. This, of course, isn’t always possible if you live far away from your vacation destination, but there is a second option that’s similar. If you have friends or family in the area, they can check it out for you, otherwise you can contact the rental agent and ask them to send you recent photos of the apartment, surroundings and layout. To be doubly sure you can ask them to place a piece of paper with your name and the date in the photos, too, or connect via Skype or Facetime to see a real-time video.

Top Curated Vacation Rentals

Alternatively you could opt to use an agency that only registers curated properties. These agencies may have less options and be slightly more expensive, but their staff vet all properties before and after each client leaves so you know what you’ll be walking into. If you do rent from one of these agencies you’ll be met on the day you move in by someone who will survey the current damage (if there is any) to the property and record it. We would recommend that you witness them doing so, get a copy of the list and that you both sign both copies. This way you know that you won’t get blamed for something you didn’t break! This also means that your security deposit (which will usually be a requirement) will be returned to you in whole, providing that you don’t do any damage to the property or its contents during your stay.

Your Friend the Credit Card

Finally, we would recommend that you always pay for a vacation rental with a card of some kind. Using cash leaves you with no hard evidence of what, when and whom you paid, and therefore leave you vulnerable should an issue arise. Don’t worry about security; reliable and established agencies use secure payment methods and will keep all your details safe.

If you keep all this in mind you should have no trouble with your vacation rental.

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