Villa group Timeshare division

VLO jobs at the Villa group Timeshare division

Within the timeshare industry there are many jobs for the conscientious and people-centric: the role of an OPC (Off Premises Contact/Outside Public Contact Officer), a salesroom attendant, a marketing team member, and of course that of a VLO. The role of a Verification Loan Officer is perhaps one of the most important within the business as a VLO spends time with clients almost every day. This article is intended to provide some insight into the role of VLOs at the Villa Group timeshare division.

Villa Group Verification Loan Officer

The main role of a VLO at the Villa Group timeshare division is to protect new members of the timeshare industry, and to ensure that they understand entirely every facet of their timeshare contract and its implications. These are the people who meet clients first after they have decided they would like to invest in a Villa Group timeshare and going its Villa Preferred Access membership.

Working on Behalf of the Villa Group Timeshare

Another side of the Verification Loan Officer’s job is to work on behalf of the developer, in this case the Villa Group Timeshare division, in order to keep relations with clients strong by making sure that members understand all of the benefits their membership offers them. As you can imagine this is a very prestigious position within the Villa Group which demands a high level of responsibility, honesty and care when it comes to details. A VLO must have good people skills and diplomacy.

Preparation for the Position

As you might imagine, such an important role requires quite a deal of training as they tend to be the main point of contact just before and just after the signing of a Villa Group timeshare contract.

It is with them that clients will ask their last questions before making a decision; a VLO must know the timeshare contracts back to front and inside out so that they provide clarity to potential members.

Job Prospects with the Villa Group timeshare division

VLO jobs are very popular and are generally snapped up very quickly. The best way to get into such a position is to work your way up the ranks in a timeshare group as this is a role that requires intimate knowledge of the industry and the specifics of a given provider. Starting at the bottom sounds rough, but for the skilled and dedicated ascension can begin very quickly.

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