Timeshare Myths – Maintenance Fees

Regardless of the timeshare myths you read about, there should be no doubt when you buy a timeshare that you will be expected to pay maintenance fees. There is no way of escaping the reality that your timeshare unit will need repairs and constant upkeep to ensure that it remains in perfect condition for when you use it each year.


Just like any property, you will need to take responsibility for its upkeep. The benefit of timeshare is that you do not have to pay for all the repairs and maintenance yourself. You share the costs amongst all the owners, therefore making owning a second home affordable and desirable.

The myth that if you do not use your timeshare one year, you do not have to pay it can be very costly as you could end up facing legal fees for unpaid maintenance fees. You will also not be allowed access to your unit until you are up-to-date. If the situation continues your timeshare will no longer be worth the money you paid because unless you use your timeshare, you are not saving any money on vacation accommodations.

Another myth is that timeshare maintenance fees are a scam and that the companies charge deliberately high fees. While that may be the case for some unscrupulous timeshare companies, the large, well established timeshare brands are generally very fair about the costs of maintenance fees, with many of the companies that run the maintenance programs being non profit or mutual benefit companies.

Remember, the most important thing to remember about timeshare maintenance fees is that you have no choice about whether to pay them.

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