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Complaints About Villa Group

The Villa group timeshare complaints procedures are pretty straightforward. Being that The Villa group is a long-standing highly reputable timeshare company, it is in its interests to deal with complaints as quickly and as smoothly as possible. The company is heading towards its 30 year in business and so knowing how to deal with timeshare complaints is par for the course.

villa preferred access cabo

The Villa group respond to all members’ complaints as soon as possible, taking them very seriously in order to protect their excellent track record. Putting the customer first, or rather in the case of Villa group timeshare, putting the members first, is an integral feature of the Villa group vision. Directors, senior management, frontline staff and sellers are all primed to ensure that no misleading information is given to potential buyers. The idea at Villa group is that the excellence of its timeshare products will shine through and thus sell themselves. There is no tolerance for lies and scamming at Villa group.

In the unlikely event that a customer or timeshare member wishes to make a complaint, the Villagroup’s policy is to tackle the problem immediately to reduce any distress or inconvenience. Thus, in the event that you are not happy with any of the services or sales’ treatment at a Villa del Palmar resort or its affiliates, you should make your complaint known directly, preferably in person after the incident.

Making an official complaint would be best in writing, addressed to a senior manager including your telephone number or email where you can be contacted. However, before doing so, allow the team to resolve your complaint before you leave the resort or timeshare presentation. Timeshare forum complaints will not receive any responses from Villa Group owing to the risk of fraudulent behavior and misrepresentation.

“Complaint” to some is a dirty word, but to Villa group, a complaint highlights areas where the company can continue to improve and offer its members and potential clients a more harmonious experience.

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