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A Villa Group Timeshare Review

Villa Group is a resort and timeshare operations company and developer whose brands include Villa del Palmar, Villa del Arco, Villa la Estancia among others in the hospitality industry. To date, the company’s focus is developing resorts and timeshare properties in Mexico with the intention of widening its scope internationally in the future. Villa Group Timeshare stands out from its competitors thanks to its unfailing reputation in the timeshare and resort market, logging almost 30 years and continuing to expand and evolve its products.

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Unrivaled Reputation

One of the main benefits of the Villa Group is its continued success in the timeshare and hospitality business, despite changes in the global economic climate. Having three decades of experience to boast, Villa Group are a trusted company that continue to deliver quality, comfort and great value for money. Many customer reviews comment about the level of services and quality of interiors offered by Villa Group resorts as well as positive comments about their non-aggressive sales’ strategies within the timeshare market.

Destinations and Resorts that Sell Themselves

Staying at a Villa Group resort or buying a Villagroup timeshare is a luxury that is affordable and convenient for all kinds of people. Villa Group resorts are celebrated for their first class facilities that include spas, fine dining restaurants, large sweeping pools, beachfront access and world class destinations. The timeshare units and hotel suites are elegantly designed and spacious with the majority of the suites boasting kitchens and all the mod-cons you would want in a second home.

The destinations selected by Villa Group Timeshare as the location for its resorts are also very attractive for both visitors and timeshare members. Destinations are selected on the basis of their potential for the future, great beaches, activities and natural beauty. Villa Group destinations include Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, Loreto, Cancun and Cabo San Lucas.

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Timeshare and Villa Preferred Access

Villa Group Timeshare is perhaps best known for its amazing timeshare opportunities which have evolved with the times as modern vacation needs change and develop. In the past, the blocked week timeshare model was the standard way of purchasing timeshare – which is still possible with Villa Group – but now, Villa Group offer greater flexibility with the option to buy points directly through Villa Preferred Access. Villa Preferred Access allows timeshare owners to make the most of their investment, being able to exchange both time and destinations with ease: points can be divided into short time periods and banked towards more luxury units or used to visit different destinations.

Villa Group’s Future

There is no stopping Villa Group Timeshare as it continues to expand and grow to accommodate the future needs of its members and potential members. There are constant opportunities for upgrades and new resorts and projects on the horizon.

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