Timeshare Ownership Financial Incentives

Firstly, it should not be forgotten that the main incentive to buying a timeshare with any company should be the quality of your vacation experiences and the high standards of accommodations in the world’s best vacation destinations. Financial incentives should be secondary, albeit a benefit of timeshare ownership.


The most clear financial benefit is the fact that you when you buy membership with a timeshare vacation club you are paying the prices that are current in today’s market. You will be comparing the costs of reserving hotel rooms at today’s prices. What this means is that as time passes and the cost of renting vacation accommodation increases, you can celebrate that the cost of your accommodation has already be covered at yesterday’s prices. Your initial investment saves you money on future vacations.

Other financial incentives come with the possibility of renting your timeshare. Most reputable timeshare companies will warn you that the likelihood of getting rich on renting timeshare is not very high, but you can always rent the timeshare weeks that you can not use for some reason or another.

Most of the economic benefits of timeshare vacation ownership are associative. That is, you save money in other areas as a side effect of owning a timeshare. For example, knowing where and when you are going to take your vacation makes it easy to book cheaper flights by reserving in advance. You will also save money by cooking meals in your timeshare unit and enjoy discounts in participating restaurants and stores, discounts being a frequent feature of timeshare membership.

It also makes financial sense to own a timeshare or fractional share over full ownership when you consider the maintenance costs of keeping a property in a foreign country. Timeshare and fractional owners pay maintenance fees that are divided between all owners so that you are only paying the timeshare maintenance fees for the weeks you have purchased.

 Finally, you can save money when you buy a timeshare in that you can fit as many people as there are beds in your timeshare unit. That means you can make space for a large family or group of friends all in the same unit. Many timeshare units have sofa beds and murphy beds to ensure there is space for everyone.

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