Timeshare and All-Inclusive Plans


For most of us, the idea of timeshare and an all-inclusive plans don’t seem to go together. We often view timeshare as being more about enjoying a second home for a set time every year – a home that would probably include a kitchen. However, timeshare products have evolved to combine all kinds of services to meet the every growing demands from people who want to invest in vacation experiences as well as vacation properties. As a result, timeshare all-inclusive plans have become very popular and is one of the fastest growing services offered by timeshare providers worldwide.

How do you find timeshare all-inclusive plans?

You will only find timeshare all-inclusive plans at resorts and hotels that offer fraction or timeshare products as well as all inclusive packages. That is, traditional timeshare condos will not offer timeshare all-inclusive plans as there are no facilities to accommodate the provision of food and room service. Therefore, if you are interested in timeshare all-inclusive plans, you should look to buy a timeshare at resorts with at least 2 restaurants, preferably more.

 Mexico is a leader in all inclusive timeshare plans for more than one reason. Mexico’s cuisine is known worldwide to be excellent and therefore the quality of all inclusive food and beverages is excellent, not to mention reasonably priced. All inclusive plans in Mexico are highly competitive and you will even find timeshare all-inclusive plans that include gourmet quality meals.

How do timeshare all-inclusive plans work?

The most popular type of timeshare all-inclusive plan is an optional all-inclusive meal plan. The way this works for the majority of timeshare all-inclusive plans is that you pay for a number of days on an all inclusive package or for the entire stay. Most timeshare all-inclusive plans will stipulate a minimum of two or three days. The benefit of an optional timeshare all-inclusive plan is that you can organize your all inclusive benefits around the activities you wish to enjoy, eating out at restaurants or cooking in your unit on the days when you are not covered by a timeshare all-inclusive plan.

There are some timeshare resorts that are completely all-inclusive and these will occur at hotels and resorts that do not offer European plan or room only tariffs. In these cases, the cost of your timeshare all-inclusive plan may be included in your membership fees or charged separately for the entire length of your stay.

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