Timeshare Interval

interval international

Timeshare interval can refer to the length of time that you own at a timeshare resort, such as one or two weeks, or even longer like a month or a season. It can also refer to the international exchange network for timeshare owners, Interval International.

Timeshare Intervals

When you purchase a timeshare today, you are more likely to buy into a timeshare membership club that offers flexible club points. However, in the past, the traditional timeshare model was to buy a length of time in a particular type of suite at a timeshare resort. This period of time is frequently called an “interval”. The basic timeshare interval is one week but can also refer to rotating seasons or monthly fractions, depending on the scheme you have bought into. With the popularity of timeshare point schemes on the rise, timeshare intervals have become much more flexible with the shortest times being around 2 or 3 nights while the longest times can be as long as you have points to cover your stay.

Interval International

The global exchange company, Interval International uses the term “interval” effectively in its brand name to reflect its line of work and the services it offers timeshare owners and vacation club members. The way that Interval International works is that timeshare owners can use its services to stay in other resorts around the world in addition to their “home” resort where they originally purchased the timeshare.

Interval International deals with over 2800 resorts worldwide in a variety of different countries that are popular for vacations. Becoming a member gives extra life to your timeshare making it possible for your initial investment to take you all over the world. The great thing about Interval International is that it is a well established company with nearly 4 decades of experience coordinating first class timeshare accommodations throughout the world.

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