Timeshare Gifts at Presentations


We just can’t help ourselves at the mention of getting a free gift or bargain, there is something in human psychology that draws us like bees to honey. And that’s the way that timeshare gifts work, it is a way of attracting those who may otherwise never consider the benefits of time share to take a tour or attend a presentation. The presentation gifts at reputable timeshare companies come with no strings attracted, just a thank you for taking the time out of your vacation.

What’s the Scam?

When you attend a presentation with an established timeshare company there should be no scam or catch. Good timeshare properties sell on their own merits, the gift is to get you to see the resort, which the sellers are confident that you are going to love. You are under no obligation to buy a timeshare or anything else to receive your free gift, although you must stay for the entire tour.

Timeshare gift scams tend to occur when offered money or an over-the-top gift from new or emerging companies. If your gift appears just too good to be true, beware! There have been cases where prospective buyers turn up to a timeshare presentation on the premise they will receive a motorbike or car, only to find they have to pay money in order to enter a draw for the car, or that you have to pay a high postage for something that will only cost a few dollars to send. There was a renowned case where clients were promised a yacht for which they paid the what they thought were the “taxes”, only to receive a toy boat in the post.

Gifts you can Believe

The way to avoid a timeshare gift scam is to consider the legitimacy of the prize you will receive. If you think it is greatly disproportionate to the potential earnings they may make on a sale, beware. Good timeshare company tend to offer discounts or day passes, things that won’t cost them a great deal of money but will make you great savings. In some cases, there are companies that offer incredible discounts for your vacation accommodation in the timeshare resort on the condition that you attend a presentation.

 The best advice is to use your common sense, check the internet for reviews and be sure how much money you can afford to spend if you get carried away and decide to buy!

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