Mexico Timeshare Scam Tips

Mexico Timeshare Scam Tips

Do you think that you have been scammed by a vacation club provider? Unfortunately, sometimes it can be hard to tell if you have been scammed, especially if you have only talked to the people over the phone. Timeshare scammers are very good at scamming people, and they know what to say to convince people to use their products and services. Did you know that the Villa Group Resorts is a genuine timeshare provider that has thousands and thousands of very happy members? It’s true! Sometimes, scammers will even use a reputable timeshare provider’s name like the Villa Group Resorts, so they can make sure their victim feels secure and safe. Some of them even tell people that they are contacting them on the Villa Group Resorts behalf. However, the Villa Group is a reputable provider that provides amazing vacation club memberships and does not operate timeshare scams. Keep reading below to learn the top Mexico timeshare scam tips so you can stay safe and enjoy incredible vacations in paradise.

Mexico Timeshare Scam Tips

  • Avoid Scammer Ploys

If you are still wondering if a scammer has contacted you, then here are a few ploys that scammers use. Firstly, most scammers will try to convince you that they can offer a guarantee to end your membership. This is a major red flag, because once the cooling-off period is over no one can legally terminate a timeshare membership. Scammers will convince members that if they pay an upfront fee, they can even rent out your timeshare. There are even some scammers claiming to work for the Mexican Government, but you should never believe that nor should you give out your personal information. Oftentimes a scammer contacts the timeshare owners and sends them a purchase proposal for their timeshare membership. They may attach a letter of intent with the purchase amount to make the offer seem legitimate. Once the unsuspecting customer agrees to proceed, they will be asked to confirm their membership information. At that point, the scammer will require the victim to pay an upfront fee in order to sell the timeshare and promptly disappear without providing any legitimate service. Don’t fall for these scams and always work exclusively with your existing provider.

  • Common Phone Call Scams

A phone call is where many timeshare scams start. Here are common phone call scams. To start with, if you start getting phone calls, emails, and texts from a ‘so-called’ charity fundraiser, then you need to beware. The scammers reach out to timeshare members just to get money, and sadly this frequently happens after a natural disaster has occurred. The Villa Group Resorts only work with the Eagle’s Wings Foundation organization, and they will never contact you by phone asking for funds. If you think you have been contacted by a scammer, you should ask them to remove you from their calling list and not call again. Next, you should contact the Member Service Agents. Another common scam phone call is you will get calls saying you won money, vacation, loans pre approved, or an investment. The scammers are just wanting to scam you.

  • How Do You Report a Scammer?

If you think that a scammer has contacted you, then you need to report the scammer to the authorities. You can call 1-877-382-4357 the Business Fraud Division at the Federal Trade Commission to report a scammer, and you should also report it with your local State’s Attorney. A new agency that is working to stop scammers is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). You can contact them as well. In addition, the ARDA (American Resort Development Association) has an updated list of known scammers so check their website regularly as needed.

  • Avoid Timeshare Scams

Remember, the Villa Group Resorts are a legitimate resort provider that will never scam their members. The Villa Groups will never call you to get you to sell your timeshare. They will never ask you to rent out your timeshare or even ask you to pay any taxes in Mexico or added fees. They will keep your personal information safe, secure, and protected fully from any outside companies and people.

Most of the timeshare companies in Mexico are very trustworthy, and they provide wonderful vacation club memberships for their members. The Mexico timeshare scam tips above will now give you the information for you to spot a scammer, so you are not scammed.

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