Ways to Safely Vacation in Mexico

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Many people are wondering if they will be able to have an enjoyable vacation, but stay safe at the same time. In Mexico and across the world, many resorts had to close temporarily due to the coronavirus crisis. However, Villa Group Resorts in Mexico are ready to start welcoming their guests back. They have updated safety and sanitation policies in place, so you and your family can have a safe and amazing dream vacation in Mexico

Summer Travel Safety Guidelines

While some areas currently have stay at home orders still in place, it depends on where you live. To confirm, you can check the CDC (The Center for Disease Control) website to verify the regulations where you live. While some areas have restrictions that are looser than others, it is very important that everyone still follows the social distancing guidelines. Ready to get away for some much needed rest and relaxation? If so, you should consider the Villa Group Resorts if you want to have a safe summer vacation in Mexico. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, they have had to reevaluate various policies at the resorts and made updates. 

Villa Group Resorts – Ways To Safely Vacation in Mexico

There have been many changes at Villa Group Resorts, so you and your family will still be safe while enjoying your summer vacation. For instance, the highest level of standards regarding hygiene, sanitizing, and disinfecting in common areas and in units have been implemented. They have also added sanitizing stations in public areas, at the front desk, and at the entrances of restaurants. Every unit will be cleaned thoroughly, then sanitized using disinfectants that are hospital grade. They have also created a team of sanitation specialists. The team will be in charge of making sure all health and sanitation requirements are followed. Likewise, they have also rearranged the furniture in common areas, at the pool, and in restaurants to provide safe distancing between guests.

Safe Travel Advice

When you arrive at the resort, you should make sure your room has been cleaned and sanitized. Also, you should continue to wash your hands regularly, and you shouldn’t touch your mouth, nose, or face. Likewise, you should wear a mask anywhere in public, because this will keep you safe along with reducing the spread of infections with others. The Villa Group will make sure each room is thoroughly cleaned between each guest stay. However, you should carry disinfecting wipes with you, so you can wipe down counters, doorknobs, and light switches as an additional safety precaution. Studies have shown that the virus could possibly live on different surfaces for three days, which is why the Villa Group Timeshare Resorts have decided that they are going to enforce a three day period hold for hotel rooms so their guests will remain safe. 

It may take some time to get used to the new normal, but the Villa Group Resorts are working very hard to ensure that guests can still enjoy their Mexico vacation while being safe. They have provided above the ways to safely vacation in Mexico. Right now, Villa Group Resorts are offering affordable vacation packages to Mexico

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