Established Timeshare Companies

June 19, 2014 Abby Sandersong 0
timeshare companies
Established timeshare companies like The Villa group, Universal Vacation Club International and Tafer are your best place to begin when thinking about buying a timeshare or fractional deeded property. Purchasing a timeshare with a reputable brand will make all the difference to your enjoyment, investment and security. There are a number of timeshare companies available and so the best advice is to choose a company that is well establish with a good track record for excellence.

Which are the best timeshare companies?

The sign of a great timeshare company is how long it or its directors have been in operation selling timeshare and developing vacation resorts. A little research goes a long way and you will easily see which companies have a great track record. 10 years is a good sign that the company are going strong and have a legitimate portfolio of resorts and products. read more

Villa del Palmar Timeshare Resale Scams

June 19, 2014 Abby Sandersong 0

You may have noticed the selection of companies on the internet and in local free papers selling Villa del Palmar timeshare resales as well as other timeshare products. The difficulty arises trying to tell if these are genuine timeshare resale agents or scams tempting you to part with your money in joining fees and surveys. Most of the companies you will find re-selling and buying Villa del Palmar timeshares on the Internet require an upfront joining fee, so you should be very wary, as that is a sure sign that you could be in for a scam. read more