Vacation Nightmares You Can Avoid

You have waited for quite some time to have this dream vacation. You have done everything to make sure it is perfect. But with some twist of fate, something happens that could turn a paradise vacation into something straight out of a nightmare. There’s still time for you to turn things around. All you need is to have an upbeat attitude and make wise decisions to handle any vacation nightmare effectively. Here are some points to remember to avoid a dream vacation becoming a nightmarish one.

Earthquakes, typhoons and other natural disasters

The tricky thing about natural disasters is you’ll never know when will they might happen, and you can’t avoid them per se. However, the first step to making sure that a natural disaster doesn’t ruin your vacation completely, get travel insurance to keep you covered including medical expenses. It’s better to be insured than feel sorry later for all the money you have spent that resulted to nothing. A good insurance company will provide a refund or offers cancellation options in case it’s impossible for you to take your vacation. If ever you are unfortunate enough to be on vacation during a natural disaster, then listen to whatever instructions or warnings the authorities issue and they are for your own good and safety.

Losing important documents like a passport

To avoid incidents like this, never carry your passport with you, or have a photocopy instead. Losing your passport can be a big problem if you lose it hours before your flight back home. Report the loss or theft of your passport immediately so that replacement can come as soon as possible. In most cases, there is a quick solution to this problem and having a good travel insurance policy can help you to recover any expenses involved, like rescheduling your flight, getting a new passport issued and extra time spent in your hotel.

Industrial Action by Airline personnel

You have already packed your bags and your souvenirs for your dear ones, then you hear from the television of the sudden strike of your airline’s personnel with the imminent cancellation of your flight. When this happens, don’t feel too bad, instead take it as a chance to wander around the city because you might never have another opportunity to be in this place again in the future. Maximize your stay and make the best out of it. Everything will be smoothened out and you’ll find yourself in home turf in due time. Obviously, if you are stuck at home, you are going to lose a big chunk of your vacation. Best to check the clauses in your travel insurance.


When you are vacationing in a hot place, be aware of the signs for having heat stroke, particularly in children and the elderly. This is a serious health threat and many have died because of it. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, a saying that stands true and you should apply it by drinking lots of water to avoid heatstroke. You should also refrain from going out in the midday heat and instead stay in your air conditioned hotel room.

Your luggage is missing at the airport

Don’t panic when you see that all your co-passengers have left the airport with their luggage in tow and you are still at the airport carousel waiting. Go to the airport desk and report the delay of your bags. Nowadays, it is very unlikely that your luggage has been totally lost, and there are good tracking devices in place at the major airports and airlines. You may however, have to survive until your bags are found, which is where good travel insurance comes in. A smart traveler anticipates incidents like this and is well prepared by having the essentials packed in their carry on bags.

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