Why are people still buying timeshares and joining vacation clubs?

The question of why are people still buying timeshares and joining vacation clubs comes with an insinuation that vacation ownership is (or should be) a thing of the past. However, the reality is somewhat different with more and more people enjoying the benefits of timeshare ownership and vacation clubs. Here we will discuss why vacation ownership is still a great lifestyle investment for many people.

Why are people still buying timeshares and joining vacation clubs?

The obvious answer to this question is that timeshare and vacation clubs still offer great value for money for a product that brings excellent quality accommodations in the best places in the world. One of the first reasons that families, couples, retirees and working professionals still buy timeshare and join vacation clubs is that you are destined to save money in the long run. Just imagine the cost of a timeshare today and then imagine how much your vacation accommodation rises in price as the years go by, while you have in effect frozen the prices of your vacation at today’s cost of living.

Many people are still buying timeshares and joining vacation clubs because of convenience. When you have so little free time, you want your vacations to be hassle-free and guaranteed quality. Belonging to a reputable vacation club or timeshare group means that planning vacations become easy and your know where you are going and the quality you can expect. There is no time these days to be comparing prices on the Internet for hotels as well as flights! Many vacation club concierge services can also help you book your plane tickets too.

Another reason why buying timeshares and joining vacation clubs is still popular today is that the timeshare models have evolved to meet the changing needs of modern vacationers. While the original model was one week in the same resort; these days, most forward thinking timeshare companies make your membership highly flexible with points schemes and other each exchange networks. Visiting other resorts in other locations is now much easier when you purchase a timeshare, especially within the same group of resorts.

Finally, our sense of wanting to be part of something has not gone out of fashion. As humans, we are sociable beings, and seek experiences that unify us rather than separate. Timeshares and joining vacation clubs feeds that need for belonging and the privileges it can bring. Members at many resorts will receive special benefits that you can only enjoy when you buy a timeshare or belong to the vacation club.

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