Looking for Low Airfares for Mexico Vacation

The cost of a flight is often the most expensive part of a Mexico vacation, especially if arriving from Europe. If expensive airfares are putting you off taking a Mexico vacation then we might be able to help you. This article could save you hundreds of dollars on your flights to Mexico with some top tips for finding low airfares for Mexico.

Top 8 Tricks for finding low airfares for Mexico (you’ll be glad to learn about No.5!)

  1. Use a comparative website that compares flight prices

    Comparison websites such as Kayak can show you the very best prices available to those who want to enjoy a Mexico vacation. Such comparative flight websites even take into account the desired dates for travelling and can sometimes track the lowest airfares for your destination.

  2. Book with Plenty of time

    When choosing a Mexico vacation (or traveling anywhere, to be honest) you can save a huge amount of money by booking in advance! You are more likely to find low airfares for Mexico if you allow enough time to search around.

  3. See if the airline can beat the price

    Once you’ve found the very best price for your Mexico Vacation, contact the airline directly and see if they can’t match it, or even beat it! Sometimes the airline’s website will show the lowest airfares.

  4. Apply for a credit card with air miles

    If you can you should get a credit card that lets you collect air miles; use it for everyday things and pay it off at the end of the month to maximise the points you earn. If you can do this then you will see your air miles grow quickly! Air miles, as you know, can be used for your vacations and, if you use it for all the things you would usually buy, you can collect them without spending extra! That way, finding low airfares for Mexico becomes less important.

  5. Search for budget airlines or chartered flights

    Budget and chartered flights are very often the cheaper option. Also check to see if you can book your flight at the same time as your hotel for your Mexico vacation.

  6. Avoid weekend flights

    If you can help it on your Mexico vacation, you should avoid flying at the weekends. You’d be really surprised how much it adds to the cost of flying! Low airfares for Mexico are usually found on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

  7. Accept flights with stopovers

    If you have the time and patience for stopovers they could save you some serious money! Some of the lowest airfares for Mexico have stopovers, especially if you are coming from Europe.

  8. Avoid major holidays

    Flying out in the middle of/run up to a major holiday will cause the cost of your flight to rise pretty drastically. Avoid it if you can for low airfares for Mexico.

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