villa group resort timeshare scams

Top 3 Villa Group Resorts Timeshare Scams

There is a safe and secure way that individuals can plan ahead for fantastic vacations where all of the vacations will be affordable, too. Did you know that? You can save a ton of money by locking in today’s rates for all of your future vacations. Yes, this is true! The Villa Group Resorts one of the top vacation clubs in Mexico. the company currently have nine resorts in popular locations, and they have more than thirty years of dedication and experience in the industry. Are you still worried about Villa Group Resorts timeshares and possible scams? You can completely be safe from any timeshare scams if you follow these simple tips that we are providing below.

Continue to read below to learn about the top 3 Villa Group Resorts Timeshare Scams:

  • Top Villa Group Resorts Timeshare Scams: Thankfully, there are essentially no Villa Group Resorts timeshare scams happening in 2019. Villa Group Resorts is a professional company that works very hard to make sure that every valued vacation club member has quality vacations. They also assist their valued members and potential members in spotting a fraudulent scam. It may surprise you to know that nearly all of the Villa Group Resorts timeshare scams aren’t even connected to the company, but instead to outside fraudsters who are recklessly using the respected company’s name to trap and deceive new people. These fraudsters even contact existing vacation club members and tell them that they can sell, cancel, and refund their current membership. Protect your vacation club investment by not falling for their lies.
  • Third Party Scammers You Should Avoid: Remember, third party companies are always responsible for Villa Group Resorts timeshare scams. You can fully protect yourself and your vacation club investment by simply not dealing with any third-party companies. You should always work directly with the Villa Group Resorts and staff members so you can’t be take advantage of. How do you know if you are talking to a legitimate sales rep or a an unscrupulous fraudster? All you need to do is ask the sales rep to show their identification. All the sales reps with Villa Group Resorts are provided an ID so any potential customer can see that they are not a scammer. Another way that you can see if you are dealing with a scammer is, they will show you the resort, then take you off site to sign the contract. All Villa Group Resorts sales reps will have you sign all the timeshare membership paperwork and contract on the resort property. A scammer will not.
  • Timeshare Cancelation and Resales: Another popular hoax that you should know about is the timeshare cancellation scam that has been happening in recent years including 2019. Legally, the only time that you can cancel your existing membership is during your cooling-off period (rescission period), and this usually happens in the few days after you sign your contract. It is typically between 5 to 14 days long at most. To know your precise cooling-off period, you can check your specific membership contract. Once the cooling-off period has expired, you cannot legally cancel your membership. Any company that says they can do this for you is only trying to take advantage of you. The timeshare resale scams are very similar to the timeshare cancellation scams. An outside company could try convince you that they can resell your existing vacation club membership. They will ask you to pay a hefty processing fee to get things started, but then they will disappear with your money and your existing timeshare is never sold. If you are wanting to resell your membership or possibly even upgrade your membership, you should contact your current provider personally. If you deal with any outside third-party companies, you run the risk of being scammed.

You shouldn’t worry about any Villa Group Resorts timeshare scams if you only work personally with the resort and their team members. Being aware of the top 3 Villa Group Resorts timeshare scams that we discussed above should protect you from becoming another unsuspecting victim. Villa Group Resorts is a genuine company that does provide their members with superior vacations. You also need to remember that once your cooling-off period has expired, that you cannot cancel your membership. Feel free to refer back to the top 3 Villa Group Resorts timeshare scams tips to keep yourself and your investment protected.

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