TripAdvisor’s GreenLeaders Program – Villa Group

TripAdvisor’s GreenLeaders Program

The Villa Group’ collection of resorts in Mexico has received the honorable recognition from TripAdvisor’s GreenLeaders Program due to its efforts to be eco-friendly. The TripAdvisor’s GreenLeaders Program helps travelers choose “green” resorts and hotels worldwide for their travels. The Villa Group’s resorts in Cancun, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, and Loreto are all making good progress towards being eco-friendly. In particular, Villa Group’s resort in Cabo San Lucas has been particularly pro-active in this area, earning it one of the TripAdvisor’s GreenLeaders Program badges.

TripAdvisor’s GreenLeaders Program

The silver level badge was given to the Villa del Palmar Cabo and the Villa del Arco Cabo San Lucas, which means these Villa Group resorts have met all the requirements to be a Green Partner. In practical terms, this means that these Villa Group resorts have met forty percent of the activities required for the GreenLeaders program. There are many requirements that must be met and these requirements are all based upon protecting the environment and reducing the impact of the resort’s activities on the environment. The resorts are scored, then their ranking is determined by the final score for each resort in comparison with other similar resorts.

The Villa Group in Cabo San Lucas

The Villa Group owns the two aforementioned sister resorts that are located in Cabo San Lucas. These resorts were ranked amongst the greenest hotels worthy of the TripAdvisor’s GreenLeaders Program, because of their energy saving initiatives, such as using energy efficient appliances in each guest room as well as a preventative maintenance plan, which includes energy efficient light bulbs in nearly seventy five percent of the resort and energy saving architecture that keeps the resort cool without using excessive energy.

Educational Programs

The Villa Group’s Villa del Palmar Cabo and Villa del Arco have also set into motion a number of education programs that are centered around promoting eco-friendly awareness for all the staff and guests. The program teaches everyone how to be green at the resort, which includes reusing linen and towels instead of daily washings which helps to cut down on energy waste along with water waste. The staff members at both resorts are fully trained in eco.friendly practices and when guests arrive at the resort they are asked if they would like to participate. At the Villa Group’s resorts in Los Cabos, there is also a resort-wide recycling program set up, so guests and staff members can do their part in recycling while they are staying in Los Cabos.

Who Decides the TripAdvisor’s GreenLeaders Award?

The US Green Building Council’s LEED Certification Program, the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR program, the TripAdvisor, and the United Nations Environment Program along with other experts in the green industry are in charge of the GreenLeaders Program, which will recognize the resorts that are eco-friendly. If you are ranked as one of the best green resorts, then you have received an honorable recognition.

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