Why you shouldn’t sell your Timeshare?

Though it is uncommon for Villa del Palmar members to sell their timeshares, the topic is pretty popular on most timeshare forums. Most Villa del Palmar members are so happy that selling their timeshares is not something on their minds, but the process is legitimate, legal and perfectly possible, if you should so wish.

Why you shouldn’t sell your timeshare

Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t sell your timeshare:

Your investment will pay off in the long run

As time passes the price of vacations and holiday homes will rise, but your investment will mean that you have frozen the cost of your accommodation at lower prices. As it is, if you are no longer interested in using your timeshare, it would be far more fruitful to rent your timeshare out then sell it. That said, the real value of a timeshare is the memories it allows you to create with your family. The real plus side to a Villa del Palmar membership is that your possibilities expand when the brand does; all new Villa Group resorts will be open to you in the future.

Opportunities, inclination, and possibilities

Vacations are some of the most important times of our lives; they are filled with the kinds of memorable, special moments that we will remember forever. The kinds of moments that don’t come along very often! When you sell your timeshare, it means that you lose some of the possibilities that were once open to you, and, worse still, you’ll find organizing a vacation much more stressful; you might even lose the inclination to travel!

Think about your reasons for selling

As you would with any life changing decision, you should think long and hard about the reasons you might have to sell your timeshare, and about the after effects of this decision. Perhaps you have simply outgrown the membership you have? Could passing over to full or fractional membership help at all? Or perhaps you simply wish to see other places? If that’s the case then you can exchange your Villa del Palmar points and weeks for worldwide accommodation with Interval International or another vacation club.

If you have found yourself in financial trouble and can no longer pay your fees then renting your timeshare may well be the best long term option. Though you won’t get the quick surge of cash you would with a sale, renting will help to boost your monthly income, as well as cover your fees, and means that when you recover you will still be able to make use of the wonderful timeshare that you know and love.

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