The Villa Group Scams Explored

The topic of timeshare scams is very important when you are looking to invest in vacation ownership. Luckily, thanks to greater controls and regulations, the risk of being involved in a timeshare scam are very low. However, it is always wise to investigate the company you are thinking of joining before signing your timeshare contract. Here you will find Villa Group scams explored in detail.

Who is The Villa Group?

The Villa Group is most famous for its Villa del Palmar brand, which is a chain of resorts that offer exceptional value timeshare and vacation club opportunities. You will find Villa del Palmar Resorts in the best destinations in Mexico, such as Cabo San Lucas, Banderas Bay (Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta), Cancun and the Islands of Loreto. There is no danger of a Villa Group scam when you purchase a genuine timeshare at one of the official sales presentations at a Villa del Palmar resort. In fact, the Villa Group have a gleaming reputation that spans more than 30 years providing timeshare products to visitors from all over the world, although primarily members from the United States, Canada and Mexico.

The Villa Group Scams

There is no risk of Villa Group scams when you purchase from an official sales room, however, fraudsters are always inventing new ways to trick people out of their hard earned cash, so it is good to do some research before you sign your contract. The kinds of Villa Group scams to beware are those that occur from third party sellers, such as resale scams. Unfortunately, you will not be protected by the Villa Group in the event that you purchase (or sell) a Villa del Palmar resale and find you have been trapped in a scam. Likewise, apparent Villa Group scams may occur under the orchestration of a bogus timeshare lawyer who convince you to cancel your timeshare or join a class action suit.

So, the easy way to protect yourself from a Villa Group scam is to buy directly from Villa Group or one of its affiliated companies.

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