Medano Beach the Best in Cabo San Lucas

Why is Medano Beach the Best in Cabo San Lucas?

Medano Beach is, hands down, the most popular beach in Cabo San Lucas, and it’s very easy to see why. The golden sands blanket the eastern end of Cabo San Lucas bay from the ocean to the stunning vistas in a two mile long strip. This beach is idyllic and fun-filled, offering not only some of the best swimming in the area, but versatile dining options.

El Medano Beach is the Best in Cabo San Lucas

Playa El Médano is the best place in Cabo San Lucas to find entertainment and fun in a safe environment. This beach, which has become the best known in the area, actually overlooks the El Arco rock formation as well as Land’s End which makes it an idyllic kick back and enjoy the sunshine.

But it’s not only stunning views here on Cabo’s Medano Beach; the selection of restaurants and bars that pepper the coastline are versatile and varied. Visitors to Medano can pop in and out of the sunshine to refresh themselves with a bite to eat and a margarita. What’s more, Medano Beach’s distinctive location allows for easy access to the downtown area where shopping, sightseeing and mingling with the locals is the order of the day.

Cabo San Lucas is safe for swimming

As a safe place to swim Medano Beach is a stage for all things water related! You can spend the day swimming in the shallow, clear waters that hug the shore or get involved in one of the many water activities that are on offer up and down the beach. You could paddle around the bay on an SUP board, easy and cheap to rent at various spots along the beach, or grab a few friends and take on a banana boat ride. Alternatively you could rent a few kayaks and enjoy sometime on the waves with your friends and family.

Whatever you choose to do while you’re on Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas be sure to enjoy yourself and take time to really revel in the great weather and stunning views that can only be found on Medano Beach.

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