Fajita In Flame in Puerto Vallarta

Where to Eat Dinner in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta with its first class restaurants is ready to give you world class recipes and cuisines. Flocked by a million tourists each year, they never fail to satisfy even the most discriminating tastes.

Let’s take a look at a tasty rundown of these real classy restaurants in Puerto Vallarta

La Palapa

Experience dining while sitting right on the edge of the sea. Live music, the sight of rolling waves and candlelit tables are what you can find here. Included in the top ten list of great restaurants, La Palapa’s one of a kind dining experience is truly world class.

Cafe Des Artistes

If elegant dining is what you are after, Café Des Artistes is the place for you. With a truly luxurious interior design coupled with tasty dishes and excellent dining services, you won’t regret visiting this restaurant. Its owner is Frenchman Thierry Blouet, who made such a remarkable thing mixing European and Mexican delicacies to perfection.

Blanca Blue

When you visit Garza Blanca Preserve, don’t miss this romantic restaurant. Providing you a picturesque view of the whole surrounding, this gourmet restaurant on the south road of Puerto Vallarta is worth visiting. The price is reasonable with great staff service to go with it.

El Trio

Famous for international dishes, but serves great Mexican food too. It doesn’t need to brag about how delicious its menus are. The steady flow of visitors to this restaurant is proof, that it’s a no nonsense place. European dishes are also served. Recommended too, for its courteous dining staff.

Dolce Vita

When you feel like having a different taste, then try Italian pizzas and pastas at Dolce Vita. The quality is always good and expect that real freshness is present in their food. Considered as an institution in Puerto Vallarta, you can visit this place and be a witness of how delicious pizzas and pastas can get.


Seafoods are the specialty of this Mexican restaurant located on the northern side of Puerto Vallarta. Delicious foods in a stylish setting. It has a sister bar situated nearby known as Solar. You can go bar hopping if you feel like you haven’t had enough. They accept cash only, so don’t bring your credit cards.

La Leche

A fashionable atmosphere and high class gourmet dishes are what the dynamic duo offers. Father and son tandem Nacho Cadena and Alfonso Cadena launched La Leche, for the purpose of serving meals with some sideshows to go with it. Younger Cadena is a performer, doing gigs for his own band and acting as the chef of this trendy place. A nice presentation of dishes which vary everyday is enough reason on why you should try this restaurant.

De Santos

Proud of its Italian concept, here is another luxury restaurant where dining and hearing good music are normal things. The De Santos restaurant has a band and DJ to fill your weekends of pure entertainment and fun. It’s outdoor bar is popular among everyone. Drinking during the nights, with the soft breeze of the cold evening touching your skin makes it exciting to visit this place.

Sonora Grill Prime

Before going to the party, it’s best to dine at Sonora Grill Prime. Have a taste of its sizzling steak while having a shot of tequila to warm you up for that wild party night. A great place in meeting new people, who like you, just want to have fun and be thrilled.

El Patio de mi Casa

Most popularly known for its jazz bands that perform nightly and other musical extravaganzas. Its nice settings with tropical plants have made it a favorite for quietly living expats in Puerto Vallarta.

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