Beach Rentals and your Vacation in Puerto Vallarta

Visit Puerto Vallarta – Vacations (2023)

The time has come if you have been dreaming of a vacation in paradise in Mexico. Wondering where to go? Puerto Vallarta is an excellent place to vacation. In Puerto Vallarta you will find the best cultural places, things to do and quality resorts to stay. Like the resort Villa del Palmar located in the Hotel Zone area in Puerto Vallarta. They have almost four decades of experience and are well respected in the tourism industry. They also have a quality timeshare ownership program for qualified travelers who want to always have amazing vacations. Recently, they have added a new and exciting concept to their resorts called the Mexican Experience. Read below to learn why you and your family should visit Puerto Vallarta and stay at the best resorts. 

Villa del Palmar – Mexican Experience

These days, people who book their vacation at the Villa del Palmar in Puerto Vallarta will get to enjoy a traditional Mexican Experience. What is a Mexican Experience at the Villa del Palmar? Firstly, a delicious and refreshing margarita will be given to guests when they arrive at the resort to check in. A tropical cocktail will start everyone’s vacation off right! Secondly, each guest will be given an original artisan huichol necklace. These are made by the local artists in Puerto Vallarta, and they are an important handicraft in Mexico. Thirdly, guests will find a wonderful gift basket when they arrive at their suite. It will be filled with traditional candy, treats, and more. The Guests Experience Manager is available for all guests if you have questions or concerns during your vacation experience at the Villa del Palmar. 

Authentic Food Experience

The delicious, varied and flavorful cuisine is just one of the best parts about Mexico. As a result, the Mexican Experience by Villa del Palmar will be showcasing the top traditional foods and dishes. For starters, they will have a delicious and casual taco bar in the BBQ Area. There, guests can create their very own perfect taco as the taco bar will have many options and fresh topping choices. Some of the onsite restaurants will be adding special Mexican menus, so guests can try out some of the most traditional and tasty Mexican dishes. Plus, the resort is also offering tequila and mezcal tastings as well. These are two of the most popular spirit imports in Mexico. A tasting is a great way to try out the delicious spirits and learn more about the history of these important drinks, too. Lastly, the Cantina Bar will also feature some popular Mexican drinks and cocktails as well. 

Traditional Fiesta Mexicana Performances

The Villa del Palmar will also add traditional fiesta Mexicana performances that will be held near the pool. Each week, folkloric dancers will be dressed in vibrant and colorful costumes to perform traditional dances with live music. A Mariachi band will be there performing as well. The traditional fiesta Mexicana will also feature vendors selling a variety of games, foods, drinks, and souvenirs. Make sure you try the churro. This is a Mexican dessert that is fried dough and tastes simply delicious. 

Villa del Palmar Vacations

The Villa del Palmar is the perfect resort as they provide the best accommodations and quality amenities. In addition, they are creating “Themed Suites” that will be based on important elements in Puerto Vallarta’s history. For instance, they will be having an Elizabeth Taylor themed suite, and this will be available in 2023. The Elizabeth Taylor themed suite will be romantic, classy, and have her personal style. More themed suites will be added in the future as well.

Contact the Villa del Palmar in Puerto Vallarta if you are ready to have fun on your next vacation. They have special vacation deals available right now on their website. In addition, they have added extra COVID protocols, so you and your family can have a great vacation while being safe. During your stay, make sure to attend a timeshare presentation so you can learn the benefits of vacation club membership. Timeshare members get to save money over time by prepaying for future travel at today’s low rates. Plus, members know that every vacation will be just perfect as a Villa Group timeshare owner. Are you ready to visit Puerto Vallarta and have a Villa del Palmar vacation? If so, give them a call today!