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In 2023, purchasing a timeshare in Mexico is a smart investment. However, it is very important that you choose a provider that is reputable. When you do, you will enjoy amazing vacations as your money will be working for you.

Members save money on travel expenses by prepaying for future trips at locked-in rates. The Villa Group offers a high-quality timeshare ownership program for qualified individuals who want to experience first class vacation experiences every time they travel.

Currently, they have family friendly resorts in top vacation destinations in Mexico such as Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Islands of Loreto, and Riviera Nayarit.

Likewise, Villa Group timeshare owners can stay at any of their ten luxurious resorts. Have you heard of timeshare rental scams? You can protect yourself and avoid becoming a victim.

Read below to learn more about Villa Group Resort scam info to keep yourself safe.


Villa Group Resort Scam Info

Sadly in the past, sometimes scammers will pretend to be a genuine owner with the Villa Group Resorts. They do this to attempt to scam innocent people by asking for an upfront rental fee, even though they cannot legally rent the unit out.

The victim will pay the booking fees, then arrive at the Villa Group Resorts to learn that the booking wasn’t legitimate. You can avoid the Villa Group Resort scam by only booking your reservations through their timeshare rental websites.

Before you pay the booking fee, you need to ask to see the Villa Group timeshare membership number to make sure they are valid, then call the Villa Group to make sure the information given is correct.

The Villa Group will let you know if you have a pending reservation and you are listed as a guest at the timeshare.

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Villa Group Vacation Ownership

Villa Group Timeshare Owner Tips

Next, a Villa Group timeshare rental scam can happen when the owner tries to rent out their timeshare to someone. You want to make sure you are not dealing with scammers, and you should only deal with the Villa Group directly.

The Villa Group will assist any timeshare owner with finding renters for their timeshares. Unfortunately, fraudulent timeshare rental companies have scammed timeshare owners with Villa Group by telling them they have a renter for their timeshare, when they don’t.

The fraudulent timeshare rental company will collect an upfront fee for their “rental services”, then disappear without passing the payment to the owner.

If you are working with a legit timeshare rental agency, then there shouldn’t be any upfront fees to be paid. A reputable vacation rental agency will only charge a commission for a rental that is successful. Stay away from any agency that charges any upfront fees. They are probably a timeshare scammer.

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Refund and Recovery Fraud

Are you currently a timeshare owner with the Villa Group? If you are, then the information provided above will assist you in protecting yourself from timeshare scammers.

A reputable provider will always make sure that their club members are happy and satisfied. If you are looking to book a vacation, then you should go to the resort directly.

They do not charge any upfront fees. If you are ready to book a vacation to Mexico, then contact the Villa Group right now. They have deals on all-inclusive vacation packages right now.

During your vacation, learn more about the perks and benefits of joining their exclusive timeshare club. As vacation club members, every travel experience will be amazing and you save money in the long run by prepaying for future getaways at low rates.

Contact the Villa Group Resorts today to learn more and book a dream vacation to Mexico!

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