Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas Vacation

Do you know when are the best months to visit Cabo San Lucas for a vacation? The honest truth is that any time you want to visit Cabo is a great time. The popular tourist destination is found just on the southern tip of Baja California Sur, where all year long the climate is excellent. As a result, travelers can enjoy a variety of activities any time of the year. In general, you can expect sunny days with warm weather anytime you visit. Need a place to stay? Keep reading below to learn about Cabo San Lucas vacation. 

What Month Is the Best Month to Visit Cabo?

November through May are great months to visit Cabo as other parts of North America often experience cold days and snow. However, Mexico has warm and sunny weather all year long. This part of the year is high season, so you can expect more crowds as other travelers also want to visit Mexico to soak up the warm sunny days on a relaxing vacation in paradise. The weeks before and after Christmas and New Year’s are also popular times to visit Cabo, and during this time is when hotel rates will be a little higher in cost. Around Easter it is also a great time to visit, but again the hotel rates will be higher due to spring break vacationers. In January the temperature is 72 degrees, so it isn’t cold, but a great month to visit Cabo. Top sports to enjoy during winter include hiking and mountain biking.

Summer Weather in Cabo

If you want to visit Cabo during the summer, know that the weather can be very hot. The majority of the year in Los Cabos isn’t too bad, but during summer and the early fall months it can be very hot and humid. In Los Cabos, the hottest month of the year is in June. During that time, the average temperature is 81 degrees Fahrenheit. Summer also means it is hurricane season in Cabo. Hurricane season is June thru August, so you can experience tropical storms and possibly a hurricane if you vacation in Cabo during these months, but mountains that are nearby help provide a natural barrier to Cabos. Also, there are less tourists visiting Cabo during the winter months, so the beaches, shops, and restaurants won’t be crowded. Summer is also a great time to go take advantage of special deals on travel packages and cheaper airfare, too.

Seasonal Activities in Cabo

If you have always wanted to go whale watching, then you should try to visit Cabo from the months of December through March. At that time, the humpback whales start migrating down south to the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez to mate and birth their young. In the early part of the season, you will see many adult whales, but towards the end of the season you may see the baby humpback whales. If you love to go swimming, surfing, scuba diving, and snorkeling, then April is an excellent month to visit Cabo as the water is much warmer with clear waters at that time. During the summer, you can see thousands of baby sea turtles being released back in the waters, too. The local conservation groups gather all the eggs to protect them, and after they have hatched, they are released back into the sea waters. 

As you can see, any month is a great month to enjoy a Cabo San Lucas vacation. The weather is always sunny and warm in Cabo. If you need a great place to stay in Cabo, then check out the best places to stay on tripadvisor. You can find many all-inclusive vacation packages on sale! If you want to pamper your loved ones with a wonderful getaway to Mexico, start to planning your vacation now!

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