Blocked Timeshare Weeks and Points

What are Blocked Timeshare Weeks and Points?

If you are new to timeshare or have never been to a timeshare presentation, then you may be quite confused by the different terms used in timeshare. However, one of the most important concepts to know is the difference between blocked timeshare weeks and points.

The key difference between blocked timeshare weeks and points is that, as the name suggests, blocked weeks refer to a seven day period that cannot be divided, while timeshare points can be used as and how you see fit. That is, when you purchase blocked timeshare weeks, you buy and use a week block of time at the timeshare resort of your choice. Although you can buy more than one week, the time spent at your timeshare resort is calculated in weekly intervals. That is, if you wish to stay for 4 days rather than the whole week, you simply loose the 3 days you couldn’t stay. On the other hand, timeshare points schemes allow you to use the equivalent points for 3 days and save the rest for another vacation later in the year, maybe even at a different location.

Both blocked timeshare weeks and points schemes generally have the option for you to bank your timeshare for the following year if you cannot use your timeshare allocation for some reason. In the case of blocked weeks, you would have to save the whole week, while for timeshare points, you simply save the remaining points that you didn’t use. There would be restrictions on banking blocked timeshare weeks if you have bought a fixed week timeshare where you use the same week every year. In those cases, you would probably have to exchange your week rather than bank it.

Blocked Timeshare Weeks and Points

Another advantage of the timeshare points scheme is that many timeshare companies allow you to “spend” your timeshare points on other services such as paying for all inclusive meal plans, buying grocery packages, or paying for spa services. In some timeshare chains, you can even use your points to stay for shorter periods in a more luxurious unit or vice-versa, staying longer in a smaller unit. The timeshare points option makes timeshare much more flexible.

Nevertheless, timeshare blocked weeks have the advantage of being able to guarantee particular dates if you purchase a fixed timeshare. This kind of timeshare is particularly attractive for families who can only travel during the school vacations or if you wish to spend your anniversary abroad every year. Fixed weeks mean that you can guarantee your dates.

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