Cabo San Lucas

Perfect to a Tee – Golf in Cabo San Lucas

If you are one of those who enjoy the methodical sport of golf, you might want to consider teeing off in Cabo. This panoramic Mexican paradise is known to house prime golf courses headed by three well designed ones by the legend Jack Nicklaus. The emergence of these world class facilities has made Cabo a well sought place for many golf enthusiasts. If you want to enjoy golf at its finest, plus having some view of spectacular sceneries, then definitely Cabo is the place to be.

Here are some of the top golf courses you can find in Cabo San Lucas, and they surely bring golf into a higher level:

  1. Cabo Del Sol Ocean Course
  2. You will marvel at this masterfully designed golf course courtesy of one of the legends of the game, Jack Nicklaus. The Cabo del Sol Ocean Course has that Nicklaus’ trademark that every player of the sport must give a try. Strategically located along the coastline of Cabo, teeing off at the course, while enjoying the stunning Sea of Cortez is both a challenge and a pleasure. This 7075 yard golf course offers a good look of the surrounding deserts, seas and mountains with specially designed greens and elevations that any level golfer would want to beat.

  3. Palmilla Golf Course
  4. Running second to most golfers’ list of favorites is another masterpiece by the legend Jack Nicklaus, the Palmilla Golf Course. What sets this course apart from the rest is its three 9-hole courses, namely: the Arroyo Course, the Mountain Course, and the much talked about Ocean Course. The latter is the most publicized because of its attractive natural environment with the Sea of Cortez as its scenic backdrop. Flexibility and resiliency are what one gets from the course, regardless of the skill level he possesses.

  5. Diamante Dunes Course
  6. An attention-grabbing golf course designed by another great player of the sport, Davis Love III, is the 2010 leading international golf venue known as the Diamante Dunes Course. Presently, it occupies the 38th position among the world’s top golf courses. Playing here gives an instant connection of peace and tranquillity that the vast Pacific Ocean exudes. It also has a 14 acre practice area that can give a start to that much needed momentum before an intense golf competition. A complete set of facilities like gourmet comfort stations, clubhouse, and excellent services given by the staff can complete the overall experience.

  7. Cabo Real Golf Course
  8. A picturesque playing venue is what the Cabo Real Golf Course is. Be mesmerized by its stunning fairways covered by dancing palm trees and an array of cactus plant species. It’s the product of the artistic mind of Robert Trent Jones II, and features 7,037 yard long of pure golfing grounds. The fabulous view of the ocean and as well as the breaching whales during the whale season makes sport and nature combining perfectly at Cabo Real Golf Course.

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