How Do I Buy a Mexican Timeshare?

Have you been considering buying a Mexican timeshare? If so, you will be happy to know that in recent years the Mexican timeshare industry is thriving. For example, the 2018 United States Shared Vacation Ownership Consolidate Owners Report stated that 7.1% of households in the US own one Mexican timeshare or more, which means that 9.6 million Americans are timeshare owners.

If you don’t know how it works, a Mexican timeshare investment gives you the right to use your timeshare unit for a set number of week/weeks each year. Plus, members save money over time by prepaying for future travel at low rates. Also, many timeshares in Mexico use a floating week system that gives timeshare owners extra flexibility to pick their preferred travel dates. Considering investing in a Mexican timeshare for your family? Keep reading below to learn more about how to buy a Mexican timeshare. 

What is the Cost for Mexican Timeshares?

To start with, the cost for a Mexican timeshare can vary as it will depend on the specific provider.

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Some cost more than others and it really depends on the quality of amenities, services, and accommodations. However, don’t choose a cheap company as it is essential that you choose a provider that is reputable, has quality services, and has proven experience in the industry. Foreigners are not allowed to own land in Mexico that is 50 kilometers off the coast of 100 kilometers within an international border. However, investing in a Mexican timeshare is an excellent way to legally enjoy the feel of a vacation home on the coast because most timeshare properties are located on popular beaches. The average cost for a Mexican timeshare is around $22,942 according to the American Resort Development Association’s data. Maintenance dues average $1,000 annually, but will vary with each provider. 

Canceling Mexican Timeshare Information

Also, it’s important that new inventors understand that there is a five-business day grace period in Mexico for new timeshare owners when they can legally cancel their membership contract. This is also known as the rescission period or cooling-off period. It’s essential to recognize that this is the only time that a timeshare can be canceled legally. After that time period ends, the contract is legally binding and cannot be canceled. Even if you fall into hard times, make sure you always pay your timeshare payments and dues. If you don’t, then you could face a foreclosure and the lender can take possessions you own to pay for your debt. Similarly, your credit score will be affected negatively if you miss any of your timeshare payments. Why not just make sure you pay your timeshare payments on time, so you can enjoy the vacation unit and wonderful amenities?

Avoiding Timeshare Scams

You need to know about timeshare scammers so you can protect yourself and your money. While most timeshare providers are legitimate, there are fraudulent companies that make a living by taking advantage of timeshare owners who are not informed. For example, there is a company that is known to scam many timeshare owners by offering them a timeshare cancellation service that they cannot legally perform. This company’s name is Mexican Timeshare Solutions. Remember, the only time your timeshare can be canceled legally is during the recession period or 5 days after the contract has been signed. Timeshare scammers seek out timeshare members and they promise them they can cancel their timeshare contract for a large fee. They will take your money and run without providing you with any service. Avoid timeshare cancellation company scams entirely. Instead, only work with your existing provider to stay safe and avoid scammers. 

Are you wondering how you buy a Mexican timeshare? If you want to enjoy one or two weeks of amazing vacations each year, then buying a Mexican timeshare is an excellent investment. You will save money in the long run while also always having wonderful vacations where you can create lasting memories with your loved ones. Remember, you should always select a reputable provider like the Villa Group Resorts. Give them a call today to learn more. Currently, they have special deals on sale for all-inclusive travel packages to stay at their family-friendly resorts located in Mexico’s top destinations. During your stay, attend a Villa Group timeshare presentation to learn all the details about their exclusive vacation club. Ready to jet down south to have some fun in the sun? Call the Villa Group today and book your vacation to paradise. Your family will thank you!

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