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Fun Events in Puerto Vallarta

If you’re going to be in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico soon, you won’t run out of fun things to do during your stay. Travelers from all around the world come to enjoy Banderas Bay and the miles of beautiful beaches. The climate is warm and sunny most of the year so a wide variety of outdoor activities including kayaking, surfing, hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving, and mountain biking. Plus, the area has excellent restaurants, great shopping, and tons of fun bars, too. In addition, there are many luxurious hotels and resorts to stay at if you want a relaxing getaway in paradise. Although some visitors stick to the resort pool most of their visit, there are fun events in Puerto Vallarta throughout the year. Read more below to learn more about fun events in Puerto Vallarta that may interest you. 

Puerto Vallarta Events – Top 10

1. Restaurant Week in Puerto Vallarta

Every fall, Puerto Vallarta holds its own Restaurant Week where the best local restaurants participate. The participants create special menus at set prices so that visitors and residents can try new and old favorite restaurants. Whether you are visiting Puerto Vallarta or live there part time, Restaurant Week is a fun event to enjoy during your time in the area. 

2. Semana Santa in Puerto Vallarta

If you visit PV in late March or early April, you’ll find yourself surrounded by lots of visitors. Semana Santa, which is known as Holy Week in English, is considered the most sacred week of the year. It typically coincides with Spring Break for schools in other parts of the world. Each year, tons of visitors come to Puerto Vallarta during Semana Santa and the beaches will be packed with more people than usual.

3. Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) in Puerto Vallarta

Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a Mexican tradition celebrated in Mexico on November 2nd each year. In Puerto Vallarta and in other cities and towns throughout the country, Dia de Los Muertos is a special time where people pay tribute to loved ones that have already passed away. To show their love, family members will make altars that include framed pictures, flowers, and favorite foods and drinks. Oftentimes, families will spend the night at the gravesite of their loved one sharing stories and celebrating the life of the deceased.

4. Sea Turtle Release in Puerto Vallarta

Each year, hundreds of sea turtles return back home to Puerto Vallarta where they were born to lay their own eggs. In order to protect the sea turtle eggs from predators, local conservation groups collect all the eggs and rebury them in protected areas until they are ready to hatch. Next, once the baby sea turtles hatch, they are released back to the sea waters in Banderas Bay at sunset to increase their chances of survival. Starting in July through December, visitors can participate in the release of baby sea turtles. If you haven’t already done this, make sure to attend a baby sea turtle release on your next trip to PV.

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5. Festival Gourmet International in Puerto Vallarta

Another fun event to attend in Puerto Vallarta is the Festival Gourmet International. The annual event in Puerto Vallarta features well-known chefs from all around the world that come to town to showcase their culinary skills. Typically held in mid to late November, the event features special meals, workshops, and wine and cheese tastings. In addition to invited chefs from outside of PV, local chefs also participate as well.

6. Dia de La Independencia (Independence Day) in Puerto Vallarta

Next, Día de La Independencia, or Independence Day, is a fun annual event where the country’s pride really shines. The exact holiday is September 16th, but Independence Day celebrations are held the entire month of September. You will notice lots of colorful white, green, and red decorations at local homes and businesses. On the night of September 15th, the famous cry of “el Grito” will be held to re-enact the call made by Dolores Hidalgo that is recognized as the moment Mexicans rose up against Spanish rule to reclaim their Independence. 

7. Las Posadas (The Inns) in Puerto Vallarta

During the holiday season, Las Posadas are celebrated in Mexico from December 16th through December 24th. Las Posadas were created hundreds of years ago to commemorate Joseph and Mary’s journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem so Mary could birth baby Jesus. This religious celebration is celebrated in Puerto Vallarta and in cities all around Mexico, too. In modern times, almost any holiday celebration where friends and family get together to eat great food, break a piñata or two, and enjoy general Christmastime cheer are referred to as posadas. If you find yourself in PV during the holidays, you may get to attend a posada in person!

8. Historic Downtown Art Walk in Puerto Vallarta

The Puerto Vallarta Art Walk is another popular event in Puerto Vallarta held during the high season months from late October through the end of May. The area has numerous excellent art galleries that stay open late on Wednesday evenings to invite visitors in to check out the great art. Many galleries even offer complimentary wine and snacks, too. Take a stroll along PV’s charming cobblestone streets and enjoy the best art in town during PV Art Walk. 

9. Municipal Xiutla Ballet in Puerto Vallarta

If you love watching live performances, make sure to check out the Municipal Xiutla Ballet. They are a local group of dancers that perform at 7:30pm every Friday in Old Town at the Lazaro Cardenas Plaza. On Saturday evenings, they perform on the Malecon Boardwalk in front of Los Arcos at 8:00pm. It’s fun to watch the energetic young dancers in their colorful costumes and upbeat music with the beautiful Banderas Bay as the backdrop.

10. Cinco de Mayo in Puerto Vallarta 

Last but not least, Cinco de Mayo is actually celebrated in Puerto Vallarta. Though it is usually only celebrated in the States, the May 5th holiday is a tribute to the Battle of Puebla when Mexico successfully fought off French invaders who wanted to take over the country. Since there are many tourists and expats that live in PV, many businesses in the area participate in Cinco de Mayo with colorful decorations and special promotions at local restaurants, resorts, and bars. 

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