Cruise Ships Headed for Mexico

Did you know that one of the primary sources of tourism in Mexico comes from cruise ships stopping in the country? In 2019, almost nine million people visited Mexico during cruise ship vacations. However, due to COVID-19 to the pandemic 2020 and 2021, tourism was drastically affected. Right now, COVID vaccines are now available, and many cities are hoping it will bring back a little bit of normalcy to our daily lives. It’s hard to believe that 2021 is halfway over, but cruise ships are planning to resume operations soon due to added extra health and safety measures to keep travelers safe. Keep reading below to learn more information about cruise ships headed for Mexico. 

Cruise Ships Headed for Mexico

Later this year, cruise ship companies will start returning to Mexico. For example, Holland America is one of the cruise ships that have a new route planned for Nieuw Amsterdam starting in October. It is the second largest cruise ship in their fleet. In fall of 2021 and in the spring months of 2022, Holland America’s Zuiderdam and Koningsdam cruise ships will start resuming operations as well. Similarly, Carnival cruise ships will be offering cruise ship packages that will depart from California and will stop in Cabo, Mazatlan, and in Puerto Vallarta. Royal Caribbean will be returning to Cozumel as well. Likewise, Riviera Maya, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, and Cabo are popular stops for Royal Caribbean in Mexico. Cruise ship terminals at these popular stops have implemented extra health protocols, so all cruise ship travelers will remain safe during their vacations. 

Vacationers Fall in Love with Mexico

Many vacationers that are on vacation on cruise ships and stop at ports in Mexico quickly fall in love with the country. The locals are so nice and welcoming, and all vacationers will be treated well on their vacation in paradise. The natural beauty and miles of beautiful beaches in Mexico are just a few things that travelers love. Plus, the cuisine in the country is so delicious. Mexican cuisine is so much more than just tacos and shots of tequila. Authentic Mexican dishes are fantastic and affordable from street vendors. Plus, there are tons of great options including fresh seafood, traditional dishes, homemade salsas, and tasty fresh fruit. Everything tastes better in Mexico and it is very affordable, too. 

Vacation Club Deals in Mexico

Would you like to enjoy amazing vacations to Mexico on a regular basis? You can do so by joining a reputable vacation club. For example, The Villa Group Resorts is a reputable vacation club provider that has nearly 40 years of proven experience in the industry. Currently, they have fantastic all-inclusive travel packages right now. Plus, they have a quality vacation club membership that savvy travelers adore. They have thousands of happy members that are thrilled with their comfortable accommodations, luxurious amenities, and premiere services. The employees thrive on making sure that members and guests have everything while on their vacation. Plus, all of their resorts have excellent onsite restaurants, so you don’t have to leave the resort property if you don’t want to. 

Thankfully, cruise ships are once again headed to beautiful Mexico. Do you need a vacation in paradise? If so, then Villa Group Resorts is where you should stay. Right now, they have ten luxurious resorts in the country’s most popular vacation destinations. Travelers can choose from luxury resorts in The Islands of Loreto, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Cabo, and in Riviera Nayarit. Plus, they have added extra COVID safety protocols to ensure all visitors will remain safe while having amazing vacations. Contact them today to see if you qualify to join their vacation club.

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