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buying a Cabo Timeshare at Villa del Palmar

What’s the Deal with buying a Cabo Timeshare at Villa del Palmar?

Is a Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas Timeshare for me?

Do you:

  • Like to vacation yearly in the sun?
  • Love the sea?
  • Enjoy luxurious accommodations and expect the best?
  • Live within three hours of an international airport?
  • Want to enjoy a variety of vacation locations over the course of your life?

If your answer to more than 3 of these questions was yes, then a Cabo timeshare at Villa del Palmar is definitely something you should consider!

Why is a Cabo timeshare at Villa del Palmar the right thing for you?

If you live in the USA or Canada, flights to Mexico are cheaper than elsewhere in the world, especially if you live near an international airport that offers direct flights! Secondly, if you are used to luxury and want to experience a variety of different vacation locations over the course of your life, the Cabo timeshare at Villa del Palmar wont disappoint you! Villa del Palmar membership gives you access to resorts all over Mexico, including those in Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Puerto and Nuevo Vallarta, and the Islands of Loreto. Villa del Palmar resorts will not disappoint either – luxury and value for money are the mantra.

buying a Cabo Timeshare at Villa del Palmar

What are the main benefits of a Cabo timeshare at Villa del Palmar?

  • You’ll be within walking distance of the downtown area of Cabo San Lucas, and all the nightlife that it holds!
  • You can stay in any of the Villa del Palmar’s timeshare resorts in other destinations throughout Mexico.
  • The points based system means that you have full control over where and when you vacation.
  • You can use your Cabo timeshare points to pay for services, too. These include meal plans, spa treatments, and other services such as butler service or a private chef!
  • The facilities at the Villa del Palmar resorts are fantastic: pools, both indoor and outdoor, gourmet restaurants and pristine beaches.

At your Cabo timeshare at Villa del Palmar, you and your family will be the priority. The resort’s helpful staff will do everything they can to make your stay as much fun as possible!

What’s the Truth About UVCI Scams?

It seems we can’t escape the threat of scams, which has become evermore present thanks to the internet and other phishing scams. Thankfully, the internet has also brought about its own solutions to avoiding scams due to the wealth of free advice and guidance you can find about scams on line. Just by doing a quick search on Google, you can soon discover whether you are about to embark on a scam or not.

What’s the truth about UVCI scams?

The good news is that the truth about UVCI scams is simple. Universal Vacation Club International is not a scam, nor are there any valid reports about any of its practices being involved with scams or fraudulent behavior.

UVCI stands for Universal Vacation Club International, which is a legitimate time share company that administers members who own time shares at Villa del Palmar resorts in Mexico, owned and operated by The Villa Group. Universal Vacation Club International is the company that deals directly with members services and reservations etc with the help of ResortCom. Thus, there is no chance of UVCI scams when you deal directly and legitimately with the company.

UVCI Maintenance Fees

The essential maintenance fees that members pay towards the upkeep of their timeshare at Villa del Palmar resorts are also administered by UVCI. As such, UVCI is a mutual benefit organization, which makes the chances of a UVCI scam even slimmer. Universal Vacation Club International adheres to complete transparency, providing accounts on its spending to members in regular statements.

Contact UVCI

Members who have bought a timeshare at a Villa del Palmar, will be able to contact UVCI with any questions about membership, including doubts about using points or redeeming other benefits. You should also contact UVCI should you think you have been involved in a resale scam or a phishing scam.

What’s the Best Pirate Show in Cancun?

What’s the Best Pirate Show in Cancun?

There are a number of sunset cruises in Cancun, but by far the best pirate show is the Jolly Roger pirate show Cancun. The Jolly Roger pirate ship holds prime position on Tripadvisor among the top activities in Cancun, and it is easy to see why.

Arrive to Playa Linda Pier around sunset and you will see the best pirate show in Cancun begin to unfold as you buy your tickets. Before the pirate show even starts on board, you are greeted by the best pirates in Cancun, who make sure that you have everything you need for a raucous night on the Caribbean Sea. As the time approaches for you to board, the tension begins to rise between the pirates and you can see you are about to witness a night of deception, battles and betrayal, arrggghh!

Your ticket for the best pirate show in Cancun includes three and half hours of fun and dancing, a three course meal and all you can drink (and believe me, the pirates keep your glass filled to the brim). As you arrive to your seats, your row is allocated a personal pirate to attend to your every need. Don’t forget his or her name – pirates don’t like to be called “hey, man!” And as for the tip, make sure you keep those pirates happy with a few coins or you might be walking the plank. Before your have even finished your first drink, your personal pirate will be there with a fresh one to keep you happy (and even “happier” as the night progresses).

When the best pirate show in Cancun begins, you will be coaxed into the party atmosphere with some dancing and family entertainment as you cruise the Caribbean coastline. With music pumping and drinks flowing, it is easy to fall into the trap of having a marvelous time in Cancun. About half way through the show, you will be taken to the mess below deck to enjoy your meal, which you need to pre-order before you board. Unlike the kind of food pirates would have been used to in the sixteenth century, your meal is first class cuisine that is fit for a captain of a cruise ship.

After dining, the pirate show raises the octave and the action really starts to unfold with sword fights, swinging from the masts, deception and intrigue. You might want to be careful at this stage that you don’t step out of line and offend the pirate captain, or you could be shark meat in Davy Jones’ Locker before the night is through.

There really is no competition, the Jolly Roger pirate ship is the best pirate show in Cancun.