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Cabo San Lucas Desert Park

Top Parks in Cabo San Lucas

Though most people who stay in Cabo San Lucas are attracted to the restaurants, nightlife, and water sports available in the area there are some who enjoy the parks and green spaces much more. The Baja California peninsula is filled with nature reserves, both land and marine, which are open to tourists and locals who want to spend time in the great outdoors. They are open most days and are generally free to get into.

Top Parks in Cabo San Lucas:


Botanists who love desert plants and scenery should put the Wirikuta Botanical Park at the very top of their to-do lists. Here in Puerto Los Cabos, you will find over 1500 species, 1,000,000 plants (seriously), and a labyrinthine display of over 1,000 bonsai. There are also 3 huge granite pyramids, built from massive boulders, which make for spectacular photo opportunities. Even if you don’t know anything about desert plants you’ll have a great time here; there are plenty of chances to learn about desert plant species here!


Those who want a respite from the sun while they explore the restaurants, museums and shops of Cabos downtown area can drop into the town square. This lovely little park is hemmed in by large trees, and provides a lovely shady area to have a picnic, or just a quiet sit down, in the heat of the afternoon.


Bird watchers of all ages and experience will love the San Jose Bird Sanctuary not just for the many exotic bird species, including heron and pelicans, that can be seen here, but also for the activities on offer. You can take walking tours, or even see the wildlife from a kayak. All the information you could need is found in the visitor centre.


Within San Jose, just a short distance from Cabo San Lucas central, is the Cabo Pulmo National Park which is home to a huge variety and number of marine life as well as gorgeous coral reefs. Snorkelling and diving enthusiasts will greatly enjoy a visit to the Cabo Pulmo National park.


The Desert Park Natural Reserve is a rugged, impressive piece of land that benefits from breath-taking sea views, stunning mountainous expanses, and vast areas of desert which make for great hiking. Though you can enjoy the park on your own it’s well worth paying for a guided tour. Tours cost around $50-75 and can last up to 3 hours.

Discount vacation hotels all inclusive packages

Discount Vacation Hotels – Best Price All Inclusive

Having your beach vacation in a fine Mexican resort under an all inclusive package can be wonderful. The list of advantages are many as it is far better than spending it in a room only type of accommodation commonly known as European Plan. Discount Vacation Hotels will lead you to enjoy the benefits of an all inclusive package with its accredited resorts/hotels located strategically on Mexico’s coastline.

The benefits that you can get with an all inclusive package

There can be many benefits of choosing an all inclusive package with Discount Vacation Hotels, so let’s talk about the most obvious ones. First, all inclusive packages can mean more savings. When you’re staying with the whole family, there’s no greater bonding than eating together.

An all inclusive vacations with Discount Vacation Hotels includes sumptuous menus for you and your family to feast on. Hotels/ resorts who offer this inclusive package make sure that they serve high quality and truly delicious foods for their patrons. You don’t need to go outside spending for fare at expensive restaurant. If you want to have some alcoholic drinks, they are included too.

An all inclusive package booked through Discount Vacation Hotels takes away any worries about your hotel bills you have to settle. Eat your heart out as everything is arranged beforehand. No thoughts on how much it will cost at the end of your eating and drinking spree. You’ll never have to inhibit yourself and your companion from the joy of eating. So stay relaxed and comfortable as this is what a real vacation should be.

The reviews of Discount Vacation Hotels says it all

If you are planning to push through with your all inclusive vacation, it will do you a lot of good checking Discount Vacation Hotel’s website. You can enjoy a much cheaper but quality vacation because of the huge discounts you can get. The help of their experts is invaluable and you can’t have a much better deal other than those with resorts/ hotels under Discount Vacation Hotels.

There are a lot of Discount Vacation Hotels to choose from. They can be found in the most panoramic places in Mexico like Nuevo Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun and Loreto. What are you waiting for? Go check out their website or call their toll free numbers. You’ll never regret it with so much benefits that only Discount Vacation Hotels can give.

    What to Pack for a Vacation in Mexico

    What to Pack for a Vacation in Mexico?

    When going to a tropical paradise like Mexico, the list of things that you will like to bring with you seem endless. You want to enjoy your vacation without lacking in the things that you need. Whatever your plans are, there are things that should always be on your list when you pack for a vacation in Mexico to ensure a truly great Mexican experience. These are some of them:

    Swimsuit and beach clothes

    Mexico’s vacation destinations like Cabo, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta are sunshine cities. Relaxing on the beach and engaging in some fun-filled water activities are normal vacation experiences. So be dressed correctly for these experiences by bringing your favorite swimsuit, beach wear and sandals. You might also consider bringing a light sweater for cooler evenings in December and January, but even when it’s winter in Mexico, you will be dressing for summer.

    Your favorite lotions and sun creams

    Lotions and sun protection creams are essential in sun filled Mexico. You do not want to get sunburnt due to heavy exposure, so be sure to bring your favorite sun block creams with you. You will find most major brands of sun protection in Mexico, but specialized creams may be harder to find and you will probably pay a higher price than usual.

    Cameras, Smart Phones and Tablets

    On vacation in Mexico you will always see people clicking their cameras. With its panoramic landscapes and beautiful sceneries, everyone wants to have a memory of it. Make sure to have some souvenir photos that will remind you of your great vacation in Mexico. Nowadays, camera phones are a great compromise if you want to save space on bringing a camera too.


    Bring any medicines that you might need. Medication for simple colds, cough, fever and even flu are a good idea, although you will find that drugstores in Mexico can provide all of those kinds of treatments. Adjusting to a change of climate, especially during the winter months can bring on those common ailments. More importantly, bring any specialized medicines like for asthma, arthritis and diabetes and make sure you have enough for your whole vacation in Mexico.

    Special clothes for some special adventures or Chic nights out

    Depending on the kinds of activities you wish to enjoy on your vacation in Mexico, bring the right clothes for the occasion. Most beach destination in Mexico will offer plenty of options for adventure, so be sure to bring pants or jeans just in case. Likewise, there will be chance for you to get dressed up for a sophisticated night out, so be sure to pack for elegance too.