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Villa del Palmar Timeshare Cabo San Lucas

The Villa Group Timeshare in Cabo San Lucas

The ports of the Baja California Peninsula were often frequented by sea-dogs and buccaneers during the golden age of pirates; they were drawn in by the safe harbors that the peninsula had to offer to them. These days, the tourists of the world flock to the peninsula to enjoy the stunning scenery and bustling towns of the Baja Peninsula. Towns such as Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo are the gems of the Los Cabos area and they draw in tens of thousands of visitors every few months!

Cabo san Lucas is a perfect example of a Baja peninsula town that has been transformed by, and is a leader of, the tourist industry. It was once a sleepy fishing village, but is now a bustling town that offers pretty much everything you could want when on vacation. Fishing enthusiasts will love staying in Cabo; you can catch marlin, tuna or even swordfish here! Better still, however, nature lovers could see the majestic and joyous gray whales that come here to birth their young. We could, all of us, do well to make like gray whales and spend more time playing with our families while on vacation.

The Villa Group Timeshare and Villa del Palmar Cabo

The Villa del Palmar Cabo resort is one of the premier family resorts and Villa Group timeshare options in the Los Cabos area. This is partly because of its wonderful staff, stunning resort architecture, quality accommodations, world class spa and variety of dining options. The pools are a particular hit with families too. The top pool is great for adults who want to lounge in comfort and luxury while the beachfront pool, with its life-sized whale slide, is perfect for kids.

Villa del Arco

Villa Group timeshare members with enough club points will also be able to access the ultra elegant Villa del Arco. Luxury lovers will adore the Villa del Arco and its stunning views. This is a truly 5 star resort that comes with all the facilities and services you could ever need to make your stay first class with a Villa Group timeshare membership. Here you’ll get the level of service and care that you’ve come to expect from the resorts in which you spend your precious vacation time. What’s more you’ll have a great view of the El Arco arches.

What are the Advantages of Villa Group Vacation Ownership?

What are the Advantages of Villa Group Vacation Ownership?

Villa Group vacation ownership has many benefits for members, not only because of the Villa Group’s high standing within the timeshare industry, especially within Mexico, but also because of the value for money you will enjoy, as well as the top destinations which are served by Villa Group vacation ownership products.

Villa Group’s Reputation

According to reports in the timeshare press and customer reviews, the Villa Group is one of Mexico’s most reputable timeshare vacation ownership companies with more than 30 years operating in Mexico. If you look at complaints boards and reviews, it is clear that the Villa Group continue to sell excellent legitimate products and are not a scam. Complaints appear to be few and far between on internet timeshare complaints forums and websites, and are limited to complaints about individual sellers rather than the Villa Group and its products. According to the Villa Group’s good practice policies, there is severe consequences for any of its timeshare staff who are found to be deliberately lying to potential vacation owners.

What are the Advantages of Villa Group Vacation Ownership?

Value for Money

One of the most clearly attractive advantages of Villa Group vacation ownership is the great prices you will find when looking to purchase timeshare membership at one of the Villa del Palmar resorts in Mexico. Prices are very competitive thanks to the long history the Villa Group have in the business; there is no longer wastage in trial and error, but rather, Villa Group is led by experts who know where to invest. For that reason, not only does Villa Group vacation ownership mean you gain access to incredibly spacious and elegant suites with access to luxury hotel and spa facilities, you also enjoy the top beach destinations in Mexico.

Villa Group Vacation Ownership in Mexico’s Best Destinations

If there is one thing that sets Villa Group above its competitors, it is its ability to choose the best places to invest and build a Villa del Palmar resort. As the company continues to expand, so do the advantages of Villa Group vacation ownership membership. More resorts in different places means more destinations to visit. When you choose Villa Group vacation ownership, you can access elegant accommodations in Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit and Loreto, all of which are incredible beach vacation destinations with international airports and a host of tours and activities available for members to enjoy.